Bob Books Launches new Online Self-Publishing Bookshop

By Bob Books, PRNE
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LONDON, August 18, 2011 -

Bob Books, the UK-based premium photobook company, is delighted to announce the launch of Bob Bookshop. Already the UK’s biggest purveyor of digital photobooks, anyone will now be able to use this innovative new online self-publishing platform to share and sell their books online.

The Bob Bookshop is an exciting way for people to become self-published authors and share their books with family, friends and the world. Book authors have full control over their books and can even add their own author mark-up on cost to earn from their sales.  

The Bob Bookshop is easy to use. Book authors simply need to create and purchase a copy of their book through the free Bob Designer software or Design Service at Bob Books and they’ll then be able to publish their book in the online Bob Bookshop at no extra cost.  All books sold in the Bob Bookshop are printed on demand and there are no seller’s fees, storage costs or financial risks for the self-published author.

The Bob Bookshop already holds thousands of published books on a wonderful scope of subject matters such as Architecture, Art & Design, Photography, Travel, Biography, Weddings and Children’s books.

To browse the Bob Bookshop please visit:

About Bob Books

Established in 2007, Bob Books offers today’s digital photographers, artists and designers the ability to create a personally-customised, beautifully-presented photobook. Creating a Bob Books photobook is simple. Download the free Mac and PC compatible Bob Designer software from, and design your book. Or upload your images to our Design Service and a professional designer will create the book for you.

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