Breaking Down The Barriers: Santiago Calatrava and Frank Stella Unveil Never-Before-Seen Collaboration

By Santiago Calatrava, PRNE
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NEW YORK, April 13, 2011 - On Thursday, April 14th, artistic icons Santiago Calatrava and Frank
will unveil their first collaborative installation at the New National
Gallery in Berlin.

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Entitled "Stella & Calatrava: The Michael Kohlhaas Curtain," this
unprecedented work of art fuses one of Frank Stella's monumental paintings -
a 98 foot mural - with a Santiago Calatrava-designed steel sculpture. Not
only is this the first time that the two icons have joined forces, but it is
also the first time that artists of two different disciplines have used their
individual work to create an installation that transforms two works into one.

Although Calatrava is best known for the arching sculptural forms of his
buildings and bridges, and Stella is recognized for his use of geometric
patterns and vibrant colors, both share a passion for transgressing limits.
This installation is an opportunity for the two artists to show how the
elimination of barriers between the different disciplines of art can create a
unique artistic perspective.

"The beauty of this installation is that it plays with the human scale;
incorporating the spectator into the painting as well as into the sculpture,"
said Santiago Calatrava. "The canvas is painted on both sides, forming a
continuum. By putting the canvas inside of the sculptural ring and enclosing
it you almost get an infinite dimension because there is no beginning and no

Not only does Calatrava's torus-shaped sculpture frame and support
Stella's canvas, but it also maintains a respectful distance from it.
Furthermore, the frame's geometrical and transparent form provides a delicate
contrast with the wide variety of colors and images that appear on the mural.
The installation is suspended from the ceiling in order to convey a complex
spatial experience, while providing an unobstructed view from all angles.

For Calatrava, the biggest challenge of the collaboration was determining
how to create a copasetic relationship between the installation and its
surrounding environment. "I have an enormous amount of respect for Frank
, as well as Mies Van der Rohe (who designed the New National
Gallery)," said Calatrava. "Although I was designing a frame for Mr. Stella's
painting, I also had to take into consideration the location, which is inside
of a space designed by Mr. Van der Rohe. Therefore, the frame needed to
establish a link between the works of both artists."

"Stella & Calatrava: The Michael Kohlhaas Curtain" exhibition will be on
view at the New National Gallery in Berlin until Sunday, August 14th, 2011.

The installation will then move to the IAACC Pablo Serrano Museum in
Zaragoza, Spain where it will be part of a larger exhibition of both artists'
works. According to Cristina Carrillo de Albernoz, the curator who conceived
this collaborative project, a wide selection of paintings, drawings and
sculptures will be on display, including several never-before-seen sculptures
in motion created by Calatrava specifically for the exhibition. (Photos of
the artwork appearing at the IAACC Pablo Serrano Museum will be available at
a later date).


For additional information and/or images of this monumental
collaboration, please contact Jacqueline Platt at Corbin-Hillman
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Santiago Calatrava's name has been most closely associated with his
celebrated designs of bridges and transportation centers built throughout the
world. Highlights of his work include designs for: The Milwaukee Art Museum
in Wisconsin (2001), the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (2004), the Light Rail
Train Bridge in Jerusalem (2007) the Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande in Venice
(2008) and the Liege-Guillemins TGV Railway Station in Belgium (2009). He is
currently working on a variety of design and construction projects throughout
the world including: The World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York;
the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas; the expansion of the Denver
International Airport; The Peace Bridge in Calgary; Citta dello Sport,
Rectorate and Campus Master Plan for Roma II University in Tor Vergata, Italy
and Yuan Zen University in Taiwan.


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