Breast Augmentation With Autologous Fat Stem Cells

By Clinic Ddr. Heinrich, PRNE
Monday, April 5, 2010

Clinic DDr. Heinrich Leads in Breast Augmentation With Autologous Stem Cells

VIENNA, Austria, April 6, 2010 - Whereas US and European medical centers are still beginners in breast
augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat, Viennese New Cosmetic
Surgery and anti-aging expert DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich is well-versed in this
revolutionary method. In his Clinic DDr. Heinrich, he has been successfully
offering breast augmentations with autologous stem cells to a broad public
since early 2007.

"Experiences in recent years have shown that stem cell-enriched
autologous fat enables gentle and long-lasting breast augmentation, in most
cases without scalpels and silicone," says DDr. Heinrich, who with his team
is researching ways of refining breast augmentation with autologous stem
cells. His work builds on Japanese studies that also confirm the long-lasting
result and the safety of the procedure.

In silicone-free breast augmentation, fat is first gently liposuctioned
from the patient with patented microcannulas. The fat is enriched with stem
cells isolated by a combination of ultra-modern techniques such as
Celution(R). The stem-cell enriched autologous fat is then injected in the
breast. Living fat cells develop from the implanted stem cells and
incorporate themselves in the breast tissue. The naturalness of the results
is convincing. The augmented breasts look real in every position and in
motion. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Afterwards the
patient is fully mobile and sent home.

Stem cells from autologous fat have considerable therapeutic potential.
Along with breast augmentation, DDr. Heinrich uses them for shaping other
body regions such as the buttocks, for skin rejuvenation, for scalpel-less
facelifts, and for correcting depressions left after unsuccessful
liposuctions performed elsewhere. Treating and regenerating internal organs
is an application for the near future.

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