Anti-wrinkle Bra Scientifically Proven

By La Decollette, PRNE
Monday, November 15, 2010

Paris Research Centre: La Decollette Makes Wrinkles Disappear

AMSTELVEEN, The Netherlands and PARIS, November 16, 2010 - French scientists have recently proven that the Dutch anti-wrinkle bra La
Decollette really works. After testing the bra on several women, the Paris
research institute CERCO (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique)
has established that cleavage wrinkles disappear after 24 hours and their
skin is smooth again after two weeks.

Dutch designer Rachel de Boer is happy but not surprised with these
results. Her invention drew a lot of attention in Europe last year, when
media and women tested La Decollette and came to the same conclusion.

Her anti-wrinkle bra is a nightbra with no cups that keeps the breasts
into place during the night, like a normal bra does during daytime. Women who
sleep on their sides discover vertical wrinkles at their cleavage when they
wake up, caused by breasts being pressed against each other while sleeping.
These wrinkles get worse and finally don't disappear at all. La Decollette
prevents this wrinkling and makes existing wrinkles disappear.

Recently De Boer added a special developed cream which intensifies the
effect. This Creme de la Decollette has been developed with help of skin
therapists, dermatologists and pharmacists and contains several active
ingredients, which improve the elasticity and the resilience of the skin.

She came across CERCO by accident during an exhibition in France. A
plastic surgeon, intrigued by the bra, asked CERCO to start a research. This
study was conducted by dermatologist Virginie Couturaud, director of
dermatology of CERCO in Paris. In her lab candidates between 40 and 60 years
old were tested by Profilometrie after wearing the bra. With this
three-dimensional technique lasers and cameras observe and measure the skin.
The results showed that the skin of all women was smoothened and restructured
again after one night. The same result was seen after two weeks. When not
wearing the bra, the cleavage stayed wrinkled.

De Boer wants to present these results in Europe. "For many people, this
research can be an extra reason to take La Decollette seriously," she states.

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