BSI: Homes for Tomorrow - Building Through Standards

By Bsi Group, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

LONDON, January 11, 2011 - Images from the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti last year are still
ingrained in our minds while we are witnessing a new devastation caused by
heavy rain in Australia. With natural disasters such as earthquakes,
hurricanes, floods and tsunamis leaving millions of people homeless each
year, there is no doubt that urgent action needs to be taken to protect and
help people globally. It has become crucial to make housing more sustainable
and to check if existing standards are up to the job.

Consumer and public policy experts from around the world feel this
urgency and will convene in London this year to consider how to improve
global consumer housing and make sustainability a reality. Hosted by BSI, the
33rd ISO COPOLCO (Committee on Consumer Policy) congress, 'Homes for tomorrow
- building through standards', will be held on 23-27 May 2011 in London. The
event will consider two key themes: rebuilding homes after disasters,
including prevention and post-disaster recovery, and "greening" our homes.

"I am pleased that BSI will have the opportunity to recognise 60 years of
valuable consumer involvement in UK standardization by welcoming both
consumers and standards developers from around the world to debate the
important topic of 'Homes for tomorrow - building through standards'," said
BSI Director of Standards Mike Low.

The international summit, which is sponsored by the Department for
Business, Innovation & Skills, will be broken up into workshops, training and
plenary sessions, spread over the five days, and will also include a
technical visit, welcome reception and farewell dinner.

Discussions at the various sessions will be wide ranging and are likely
to cover topics, from post-disaster reconstruction considerations, to the
environmental impacts of home fires and floods; from increased energy
efficiency to eco-friendly households. The conference will present a balanced
discussion of immediate concerns, while thinking about long-term ways in
which to make homes sustainable.

In the past, COPOLCO events have been attended by a wide variety of
delegates and speakers from many different fields, including governmental
bodies, trade associations, consumer interest groups, private companies,
international organisations, and more. The key speaker list has also featured
prestigious figures from all over the world, including opening addresses from
the President of India at COPOLCO 2009 and the Prime Minister of South Korea
at COPOLCO 2008.

This year's event will take place at Grange St. Pauls Hotel, 10 Godliman
Street, in London.

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