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By Easyvoyage, PRNE
Thursday, December 17, 2009

PARIS, December 18 - In the news release, "Easyvoyage.com is off to Germany!" issued on 18 Dec
09:00 GMT, by Easyvoyage over PR Newswire, we are advised by a
representative of the company that the URL for the British Easyvoyage website
is www.easyvoyage.co.uk, and was omitted in error from the original

Complete, corrected release follows:

- Following its Success in France, Spain, Italy and the UK, the
Website is Continuing its European Development

Easyvoyage.com, the leading editorial portal dedicated to
travel, has made international development a key part of its strategy. Having
successfully launched Spanish, Italian and English versions of the site,
Easyvoyage is continuing its European expansion in order to achieve its
objective to become one of the top 3 European infomediation websites by the
end of 2010! The 25th November thus saw the launch of a new version of the
site, giving Germans (www.easyvoyage.de) their chance to enjoy the
services that the portal has to offer and enabling travellers to research,
compare, try out and exchange experiences.

    Recognised expertise and heavy financial backing for the German market

    - A significant marketing plan: EUR3m for the promotion and
      development of the website's userbase
    - An ambitious aim: to feature among the top 10 travel
      infomediation websites in the German market by the end of 2010.
    - A dedicated team of 7 people
    - Major partners: since 25th November the website has been cooperating
      with Expedia, Opodo, Seat24, Ltur, Easytobook, Initalia, Hotels.com,
      Hotelopia, Argusmietwagen and AutoEurope, among others.

Easyvoyage is spreading its wings to become one of the top 3
European infomediation websites

With proven success in the French (www.easyvoyage.com),
Spanish (www.easyviajar.com), Italian (www.easyviaggio.com) and
British (www.easyvoyage.co.uk) markets, Easyvoyage.com is continuing
its development by establishing itself in Germany. As a leader in the
infomediation market, the Easyvoyage Group, which demonstrates an original,
five-dimensional approach (information, grading, comparison, social
networking and helpful hints), aims to work its way into the top 3 most
influential travel websites in Europe by the end of 2010.

An innovative concept for the German market!

As well as being able to compare offers from the main travel
sites (flights, accommodation, tours and car rentals), web-users can also
enjoy the rich and varied editorial content of the site, enabling them to
form an overall opinion on the travel destination in question (252 files on
the destinations themselves and 10,000 pages of content, as well as 1,200
maps and 50,000 photographs, etc.). A team of 23 journalists specialising in
tourism, lead by Chief European Editor Laurent Serfaty, ensures that
e-travellers' questions are answered with the most up-to-date practical
advice, 7 days a week. This professional information is complemented by other
travellers' comments through the various forums and product ratings.

Having been a pioneer of 'hotel tests' carried out by
professionals since 2000, Easyvoyage.com has developed a hotel grading system
based on over 120 qualified criteria (welcome, restaurant services, beach,
bedrooms, etc.). Over 7,000 leisure hotels have been visited and rated by the
Easyvoyage.com (www.easyvoyage.com) teams (journalists, reporters and
photographers) to date, thus providing the web-user with access to accurate
and objective information at the click of a mouse.

"As the 2nd largest European e-tourism market (with 18 million
web-users visiting travel websites every month), Germany offers real
potential for development, as, unlike other European countries, infomediation
in Germany currently accounts for only a third of e-travel visitors, whereas
it already attracts nearly 50% of French and British visitors. In other
words, Germany is currently showing a deficit both in the number of websites
and in the number of visitors to all non-commercial information websites. It
would seem, therefore, that many requirements, in terms of decision-making
support, are not being met by existing offers which is why we are convinced
that Easyvoyage's unique concept, with its editorial content, comparison
facility and grading tools, offers a high-added-value solution to the
requirements of German web-users," claims Jean-Pierre Nadir, Founding
President of Easyvoyage.com.

About the Easyvoyage.com group

Launched in January 2001 by Jean-Pierre Nadir, Easyvoyage.com
is the leading editorial portal dedicated to travel with commercial
intermediation. Easyvoyage demonstrates an original, four-dimensional
approach, including a high level of editorial content (with a team of nearly
100 people, including 23 journalists working continuously, 7 days a week),
quotation comparison (flights, tours, accommodation and hotels), hotel
grading (over 7,000 validated hotels) and a community-based approach (forum
and customer product ratings). In accordance with this comprehensive market
approach, Easyvoyage also lists microsites specific to each subject dealt
with by the portal, including easyvols.fr, forum.easyvoyage.com and
reserver1hotel.fr. Easyvoyage attracts an average of 100,000 visitors a day,
which makes a total of over 6 million a month, with 10 million pages viewed.
By the end of 2007, Easyvoyage had acquired all the websites developed by
CNI, namely Alibabuy.com, Prixdesvoyages.com, Prixdesvols.com and
Hoymevoy.com. Today, 10% of French web-users visit Easyvoyage when planning
their journey (visits, tours, etc.), and in 2009 Easyvoyage has generated
business worth over 450 million euros across all of the website's commercial
partners. Since June 2007 the website has operated in the Spanish market with
Easyviajar.com and since March 2008 in Italy with Easyviaggio.com. Since
December 2008 the website has also operated in the UK with Easyvoyage.co.uk
and since 25th November 2009 in Germany with Easyvoyage.de.

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