C SEED 201 - Engineered Luxury: The World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV, Designed by Porsche Design Studio

By C Seed Entertainment Systems Gmbh, PRNE
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

VIENNA, Austria, September 14, 2011 -

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If someone offered you the possibility of a giant LED TV - the first of its kind for outdoor usage - you know you’d be tempted. Imagine being able to watch live sports events with a 201-inch TV on your terrace with friends or even playing a round of simulated golf as the sun comes up. All this and more is now reality. The ultimate entertainment technology has arrived in the form of the C SEED 201, the world’s largest TV, enabling high definition viewing even in direct sunlight.

The C SEED is sleekly concealed as a sophisticated monolith in any terraced or grassed surface. As it rises from its base, it is more a kinetic sculpture than a piece of equipment. The performance starts from the second it magically begins to appear out of the ground.

The C SEED 201, in a black metal finish, and with the exacting streamlined design that defines the philosophy of the Porsche Design Studio, is the supreme addition to any luxury home or hotel. It is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, which can only be issued in very limited numbers.

C SEED 201 was conceived by C SEED ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS, part of the Global Bright Group, a world leader in supplying professional LED screens, and designed by Porsche Design Studio. C SEED 201 is available from autumn 2011.


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