Canadian Businesses Rank Reducing Overhead and Increasing Staff as Top Resolutions for 2011

By Regus, PRNE
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Regus-Commissioned Survey Reveals 2011 Will Also See an Increase in Performance Related Pay

DALLAS, December 15, 2010 - Regus (, the global provider of flexible workplace
solutions, has surveyed the opinions of businesses worldwide to determine
their top New Year's resolutions for 2011. In Canada, the top resolutions
were to add new staff, reduce operating overheads, and introduce more
performance related pay - broadly consistent with the global picture.

Ranking at the top of business owners' resolution list were the goals to
reduce overhead while increasing staff. In fact, 45 percent of Canadian
businesses indicated that they intended to increase staff in 2011, with only
four percent responding that they would cut staff.

Unlike the much criticized guaranteed bonus culture in the financial
sector, Canadian businesses are planning to make performance related pay a
key part of their 2011 plan, matching rewards with real results. Set against
an overall bullish business outlook, high-performing staff can look forward
to enhanced earnings in the New Year further highlighting that businesses see
no room for complacent workers as economic recovery takes hold.

Wes Lenci, Regus regional vice president for Canada, comments, "Business
attitudes for 2011 show a gritty determination to go for growth and ride the
wave of global economic development. Staff, especially in small-to-medium
sized enterprises, will all have to make a measurable contribution to revenue
growth and in turn will be rewarded accordingly. The research clearly shows
that performance-related pay is becoming the standard in global businesses."

Deborah Osgood, co-founder and chief knowledge officer of the Knowledge
Institute ( adds, "With so many survey
respondents revealing that they plan to hire more staff in the New Year,
businesses are more than ready to seize growth opportunities. Incentives like
performance-related pay reinforce the value that talented employees represent
to business success. With timely and fair performance measurement systems,
and shared business objectives, the New Year promises a strong economic
recovery climate."

Top Canadian Business New Year's Resolutions:

    Add staff                                  1st
    Reduce overheads                           2nd
    Introduce more performance related pay     3rd

Top Global Business New Year's Resolutions:

    Add staff                                  1st =
    Reduce overheads                           1st =
    Introduce more performance related pay     3rd


Over 10,000 business respondents from the Regus global contacts database
were interviewed during August and September 2010. The Regus global contacts
database of over 1 million business-people worldwide is highly representative
of senior managers and owners in businesses across the globe. Respondents
were asked to rank their New Year's resolutions for 2011. The research was
managed and administered by the independent organization, MarketingUK.

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