Caravan Couture Set to Take Over Following Downturn in Economy Say Terrys Fabrics

By Terrys Fabrics, PRNE
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CHESTER, England, July 13, 2011 -

Holidays and excursions taken in caravans and mobile homes have
seen a remarkable rise since the start of the recession and this
has in turn meant an increase in people redecorating them.
 Actual sales of the vehicles have gone up but also the
interiors, fabrics and curtains. Terrys Fabrics has noted that
individuals are in fact willing to spend just us much in decking
out their caravan as they are on their trip to Spain or Italy.

The emergence of Caravan Couture has meant the decline of
chintzy prints and threadbare seat covers and the start of a new
era in caravan decoration. As tastes and style vary, so do the
interiors caravans and mobile homes. Terrys Fabrics has also seen
an sharp rise in the number of customers visiting their store
looking for fabrics for this very purpose. The Terrys Curtains
service has also seen a rise in interest due to the company’s
obvious talent for fabrics.

Neutral colours with slight vibrant shades have been recognized
straight away as a common style for caravans as holiday makers look
for the perfect to relax when on an a expedition or break away.
Another interesting observation made by Terrys Fabrics is that
style certainly seems to be getting the nudge over

“This trend for caravan interior design demonstrates how
important caravans are to their owners. They haven’t just bought
them to use until the economy is on a firmer footing and they can
afford to holiday abroad again, they’ve actually become a big part
of people’s leisure time”  Paul McGuinness from Terrys Fabrics
recently commented.

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