Cell Biosciences Launches New Platform for Multiplex Western Blot Detection

By Cell Biosciences Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SANTA CLARA, California, January 5, 2011 - Cell Biosciences, Inc., a provider of innovative protein analysis tools
to life science researchers, today announced the launch of the latest
addition to their premier line of next-generation imaging products, the
FluorChem(R) M MultiFluor system. This new platform combines highly-sensitive
quantitative detection of multicolor fluorescent Western blots with key
ease-of-use features aimed at simplifying the laboratory imaging process.
MultiFluor Western Blotting kits, a new line of reagents optimized for the
FluorChem M, are launching jointly - creating a combined offering that
provides a complete solution for multicolor fluorescent imaging.

Multiplex capability enables scientists to obtain more information in a
single Western blot than chemiluminescence imaging or film, while also
providing greater dynamic and linear range. Multiple proteins can be detected
simultaneously and proteins with co-migration patterns are revealed
immediately. Additionally, the need to strip and reprobe blots for subsequent
detection of other proteins is eliminated, which minimizes protein loss and
results in shorter assay times and higher data integrity.

"The new FluorChem platforms integrate high-performance imaging with true
ease of operation, facilitating the transition from darkroom film imaging to
bench-top imager," commented Tim Harkness, President and Chief Executive
Officer of Cell Biosciences. "Customer response to FluorChem E, our initial
market entry in this product line, has been tremendously positive. We sold
over 100 FluorChem E units in the first six months, and we believe that
FluorChem M will be a key driver for the continued growth of our imaging

FluorChem M features intuitive software, touchscreen operation and
pre-optimized protocols that let researchers start imaging right out of the
box - no training required. Using a unique browser-based interface,
scientists can control and monitor image acquisition and access data remotely
from any networked computer or mobile WiFi device. Chemiluminescent,
colorimetric and UV-excited gels and blots can also be imaged on the system.

About Cell Biosciences

Cell Biosciences is a private life sciences company focused on defining
the future of protein analysis. The Company develops instrumentation systems,
software and assay products that drive discoveries in fields ranging from
fundamental protein research to biomarker discovery and personalized
medicine. With an installed base of over 10,000 systems, its customers
include leading research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology
companies worldwide. Cell Biosciences is headquartered in Santa Clara,
. For more information, visit www.cellbiosciences.com.

Jocelyn Dave, Director of Marketing of Cell Biosciences, Inc., +1-408-510-5513, jdave at cellbiosciences.com

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