Milestone Enables Infinite Possibilities with XProtect Corporate 4.0

By Milestone Systems, PRNE
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

High Performance Functionality Benefits Large-Scale Video Surveillance Projects

COPENHAGEN, January 5, 2011 - Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management
software, today has released version 4.0 of XProtect(R) Corporate. Infinitely
scalable federated architecture, extended user rights, bookmarking,
multi-stage video grooming and support for edge storage expand the
capabilities for powerful, reliable management of large-scale security system

XProtect Corporate is the top-of-the-line offering in the Milestone
family of open platform IP video management software, designed for high
capacity, multi-site installations, supporting unlimited numbers of cameras
and users. This newest version 4.0 of XProtect Corporate includes key

    - Milestone Federated Architecture(TM) provides infinite scalability
      through central management of all federated entities in a system
      hierarchy on ALL levels of multiple sites - all the way out from
      headquarters to subsidiaries and each of their branch offices.

    - Extended User Rights allow customizing user access and operation by
      skill levels, tasks, or time profiles (such as guards on shifts), by
      individual or as groups.

    - Alarm Management gives consolidated and prioritized overviews for
      enhanced alarm handling with rule definitions for event triggers and
      dynamic camera previews, including work instructions, escalation or
      forwarding actions. These improve response times and reduce the number
      of false alarms.

    - Bookmark incidents in both live and playback modes with
      time-synchronized video previews to ease evidence creation and share
      details to speed up investigations.

    - Multi-Stage Storage lets system administrators measurably optimize
      storage in levels, defining chains and timing multiple archives to
      different drives and hardware, grooming the video data by reducing the
      number of frames at each stage. Check storage status in the system
      dashboard at any time, including usage by camera.

    - Edge Storage Support is now ready: this ground-breaking technology can
      be deployed as the cameras providing onboard storage become available
      from the manufacturers. This will increase system reliability during
      maintenance down-time or for installations with cameras on wireless,
      public internet or other environments where network connections can be
      temporarily lost. Edge storage is a safeguard to ensure uninterrupted

"Milestone has a great performance story to share: XProtect Corporate 4.0
brings a new chapter in database optimization. In synergy with the hardware
configuration, you can now get exponentially more video written to the
database. This means that you can reduce the overall cost of your hardware
needs because we help streamline those requirements," states Christian Bohn,
VP Marketing & Product Development at Milestone Systems. "Milestone's unique
video archiving model has also been further developed with multi-stage
grooming, encryption and recording configuration options that significantly
lower the cost of storage."

XProtect Corporate (
4.0 is available for purchase through Certified Milestone Partners worldwide
(for details, see Where to buy). (

Download XProtect Corporate 4.0 graphics here

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Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the worldwide industry leader in
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more than 100 countries. With support for the widest choice in network
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