Cellonis Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy: A Chance for Insulin Independence and the Reversal of Complications

By Cellonis Biotechnologies Co. Ltd., PRNE
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BEIJING, June 24, 2010 - Cellonis, a Beijing and HK-based biotech company, with its new
personalized diabetes treatment concept has demonstrated an amazing
improvement in their treated patients' conditions. The ongoing clinical study
shows the treatment's best case could reconstruct a patient's natural insulin
production and even reverse later complications like kidney failure. Treated
patients may have the chance to return to the normal activities non-diabetes
sufferers take for granted.

The clinical study, jointly conducted by scientists and doctors of the
Cellonis clinical research team, aims to help patients be free from insulin
and oral drugs, by reconstructing their natural insulin production damaged by
either autoimmune disorder (T1DM) or hyperglycemia and also improve insulin
sensitivity (T2DM). Using injections of autologous stem cells from the
patient's bone marrow, the research team believes that this therapy could
help patients return to a life without annoying everyday injections and

"Most of the patients in our clinical study are now taking less synthetic
insulin or oral drugs for BG control," says Dr. Chase Dai, Chief Medical
Officer at Cellonis. "We appear to have restored the biological insulin
producing function of the body. We are excited to see that some patients have
been treatment-free for five months now, and we believe the effect of the
stem cell therapy can last much longer. We were also encouraged by some other
happy surprises during the clinical study.

"For example, this therapy appears to reverse chronic kidney failure. It
was a surprise for all of my team to observe that the kidney function of a
75-year-old patient improved remarkably."

This patient had suffered from diabetes for years, gradually developing
diabetic foot and nephropathy. He can now walk freely after having been
confined to bed or a wheelchair for six months, and his quality of life has
improved significantly. Moreover, he only needs kidney dialysis one time a
week instead of three times. In a follow-up visit he excitedly told us that
he was hopeful that in the near future he could be completely rid of

Diabetes, an increasingly spreading disease, can lead to life-threatening
diseases such as blindness, amputation, strokes, or kidney failure in its
natural course. Current treatments, including insulin, cannot change this

"We believe that our stem cell therapy will bring promising hope for
patients suffering from diabetes and its complications," comments Cindy Hao,
CEO of Cellonis. "Personalized diabetes therapies for patients of various
conditions will be developed by Cellonis in the near future. We believe what
we have restored for patients will not only be their natural insulin
production, but also a normal life filled with the activities non-diabetes
sufferers can enjoy daily."

Cellonis Biotechnologies focuses on R&D and the clinical application of
novel personalized stem cell therapies and immunotherapies for patients with
diseases including cancer, diabetes and central nervous system disorders.


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