China Sunergy Holds Vienna Event to Showcase Quasar and Bi-Facial Modules with Major European Customers

By China Sunergy Co. Ltd., PRNE
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VIENNA, Austria, December 1, 2011 -

- CEO, CTO, CSO and Full European Sales Team in Attendance

China Sunergy Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: CSUN) (”China Sunergy” or the “Company”), a specialized solar cell and module manufacturer, held a large customer event in Vienna today to mark the full commercial launch of China Sunergy’s high efficiency Quasar modules and to showcase its newly developed and tested bi-facial solar modules, pilot production of which will start in early 2012. Over 50 customers from across Europe attended the event. Most of China Sunergy’s senior management team, its European sales team and several top scientists invited as guests, also participated.

Stephen Cai, China Sunergy’s CEO, remarked: “Despite macroeconomic and industry uncertainty, European customers’ interest in cutting edge, highly efficient and high quality solar products is as keen as ever. China Sunergy’s scientists Dr. Jianhua Zhao and Dr. Aihua Wang still hold the world record of the most efficient crystalline solar cells ever made, and they were the first to successfully commercialize selective emitter solar cells. Quasar and bi-facial cells are their next generation products. Highly respected in the PV Solar circles, they continue to lead the industry with outstanding technical advancements which keep CSUN ahead of the pack.”

Quasar modules, being cost-effectively produced with P-type wafers and with lower breakage rates, are China Sunergy’s most advanced high efficiency solar products. In the third quarter of 2011, the average efficiency rate of large-volume-produced Quasar cells has reached 18.6% and the Company is now selling them commercially. In the lab, over 19.5% efficiency rates have also been achieved recently from research N-type and P-type c-Si wafer cells.

Bifacial silicon solar cells are a special type of crystal silicon solar cell which can receive sunlight and produce electrical power from both front and rear surfaces. These cells are designed with a special structure and metal contact so that they can produce more power from illumination on both sides.

Dr. Jianhua Zhao, Chief Technology Officer of China Sunergy, commented on the significance of CSUN’s move into bi-facial cells, “Depending on the tilt angle and other conditions, bi-facial products generate 10% to 30% more power than traditional panels. The advantage of high efficiency cells, whether bi-facial or Quasar, is obvious: more power and lower cost. This is what the whole industry is aiming for. CSUN’s R&D team has worked very hard to improve module quality, consistency and reliability. In addition to our great track record with Quasar cells, the early results of our bi-facial cell production are very encouraging, with average efficiencies of the front and rear sides exceeding 19% and 14% respectively. Bi-facial modules can be applied in many residential situations such as carports, fences, trellises, and porch and patio covers.”

Bob Rice, Chief Strategy Officer of China Sunergy commented, “Technology is CSUN’s competitive advantage and one of the most important reasons why I joined the company. I am really excited to be here with these key customers in Europe to see how we can serve their needs. Europe is the earliest and biggest solar market, and the customers here are among the most sophisticated in the world. We can offer them an efficient product, backed up by recently enhanced product warranties and thorough after-sales service.”

China Sunergy will bring approximately 200 MW of Quasar production capacity online in first half of 2012 and will emphasize the development of Quasar, bi-facial and other high efficiency solar products in future capacity expansion projects.

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