Couple Arrange House Swap in Record Time Through HomeExchange Website

Sunday, November 21, 2010

LONDON, November 22, 2010 - A couple have organised a home exchange in record time, less than a week
after joining a house swap website. Home exchange websites are now the
quickest and easiest way to arrange an exchange thanks to the internet. Over
the last ten years, European internet use has grown by 350%[1] with users
constantly seeking superior online experiences.

"This must be one of the quickest exchanges ever," says HomeExchange
Member Reilly. "We went online and had a member email asking if they could
exchange the following week and they were in our flat less than a week
later." In pre-internet days this would have been a completely different

In the early 90s home exchanging was relatively unknown with only a few
companies offering homes for exchange via a printed directory. As
HomeExchange Member Graham comments: "Our first HomeExchange was in 1990,
using a catalogue with just tiny thumbnail pictures! The negotiation was all
conducted by airmail letter and took quite a long time."

In the early days, without internet, it was difficult to keep Membership
details up-to-date, and it took a long time to find suitable exchange
partners. However, now it takes just the touch of a button to contact Members
and arrange a swap, making HomeExchange the best way to experience the world
like a local and to stay-for-FREE. has unveiled a newly designed website giving
exchangers an even better online experience. The new website offers a
completely re-designed home page with a large scrolling display of featured
homes, easier and quicker home searching, personal testimonials and a
constantly updated list of thousands of Members ready and waiting to

"All exchange searching and contacting is completed online," says
HomeExchange President Ed Kushins. "Our first website launched in 1995 and we
now have it translated into 14 languages around the world making the global leader in exchanging."

With no hotel bills, free accommodation and the ability to exchange
everything from cars and bicycles to boats and skis, it means that except for
getting there a holiday nearly anywhere in the world doesn't have to cost
anymore than staying at home. has 36,000+ listings in 137+ countries with a
UK version of the website at



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