Cryo-Save is Proud to Announce the Achievement of 200,000 Samples Stored From Umbilical Cord Blood and Umbilical Cord Tissue

By Cryo-save Group N.v., PRNE
Monday, November 21, 2011

ZUTPHEN, the Netherlands, November 22, 2011 -

This landmark storage of the 200,000th  stem cell sample indicates a step forward in Cryo-Save’s leading role in the cord blood industry

Cryo-Save is proud to announce the storage of its 200,000th sample.

This great achievement shows the successful results of Cryo-Save’s efforts in increasing the awareness of stem cell storage among the general public and the medical community. All samples stored can be considered as an outstanding source of stem cells, offering an enormous potential for treating so far incurable diseases.

More cells and tissues stored equals better hopes for treating tomorrow’s diseases.

This great achievement confirms Cryo-Save’s leading role in the cord blood stem cell industry: it has been possible thanks to the multiple educational programs the company launched in several countries. Italy and Serbia hosted the two most recent events, in Bari (in cooperation with the Italian Association of Hospital Gynecologists (AOGOI)) and in Belgrade. Two other educational events are now coming: the 5th ITERA Life-Sciences Consortium Symposium, taking place in Maastricht November 21stand 22nd and exclusively supported by the Cryo-Save Group; and the 2nd International Congress in Regenerative Medicine, held by Cryo-Save Bosnia on December 9th.

Thanks to this important milestone, Cryo-Save is going to extend existing social responsibility programs: the Cost-Free Family Donation program, designed to offer free storage to families in need, will give further chances to improve our support to expecting parents. And, in order to celebrate this event, Cryo-Save will offer one cord blood stem cell storage for free to all the 40 countries in which it operates.

Arnoud van Tulder, CEO of Cryo-Save Group, says, “I am very proud to have reached the enormous number of 200,000 samples stored. This is the result of over 11 years of commitment towards our customers. This great achievement gives to all Cryo-Save employees the hope of making an important contribution to fight possible life-threatening diseases. It should encourage the entire industry to pursue its mission.”


Cryo-Save, the leading international family stem cell bank, already stores more than 200,000 samples from cord blood and umbilical cord tissue for newborns and adipose tissue for adults. These stem cells can mean the difference between life and death in the case of future threats to the health of the family. There are already several diseases that can be cured by the use of stem cells, and the number of treatments will only increase. The use of stem cells from adipose tissue is increasingly popular in plastic surgery. Driven by its international business strategy, Cryo-Save is now represented in over 40 countries on four continents, with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, India, South Africa and France (validation in progress).

More information: Cryo-Save Marketing & Communication Department, Tel: +41-55-222-0251, Renzo Gentile renzo.gentile at ; Cecile Kastler cecile.kastler at .

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