Docdata Sells its Last CD and DVD Replication Activities in Tilburg to Replifact Media B.V.

By Docdata N.v., PRNE
Thursday, November 17, 2011

WAALWIJK, The Netherlands, November 18, 2011 -

The management of DOCDATA N.V. today announces that its subsidiary docdata media B.V. in Tilburg, a part of the e-commerce service company Docdata, has sold its business activities for CD and DVD replication to Replifact Media B.V. in Bladel in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. The transfer will take place on 31 December 2011 at the date of the completion of the transaction.

The purchase agreement of this transaction has the structure of an asset deal and includes the sale on 31 December 2011 of all media replication business activities and related tangible fixed assets (excluding the land and building at the Dr. Paul Janssenweg 140 in Tilburg), inventory and customer and supplier contracts. A total of 27 employees will be taken over by Replifact Media B.V. With this transaction the last CD and DVD replication activities of Docdata will be sold. Details concerning the financial conditions of this transaction will not be disclosed at the specific request of the shareholders of Replifact Media B.V.

Replifact is a production company with one business establishment in Bladel and is since March 2000 active in the market for CD and DVD replication and packaging of produced CD and DVD discs, primarily for the corporate market (for instance business presentations, marketing, etc.). At the moment Replifact employs about 20 people. With this acquisition, Replifact wants to increase its production capacity and capacity utilization, and gain a stronger position in the entertainment replication segment (in particular music) through the acquisition of the large customer base of Docdata.

Docdata media B.V. realised a revenue of about € 5 million with the CD and DVD replication in 2010. Currently, docdata media B.V. has a total of 48 employees of which 21 people will remain employed by docdata media B.V. for the existing e-commerce services including the photo studio and fulfilment activities of the e-commerce service company. By this, a job guarantee can be offered to all employees of docdata media B.V. without compulsory redundancy.

Michiel Alting von Geusau, CEO of DOCDATA N.V.: “Since Docdata changed her focus to expanding its market leadership in the e-commerce fulfilment segment a few years ago, CD and DVD replication is no longer a strategic activity. Therefore we are very pleased that we can offer the employees and customers of docdata media B.V. a future at a reputable company that, like Docdata, finds service and quality of prime importance. I believe that this agreement with Replifact Media B.V. is in the best interest of our employees in Tilburg and our customers. For them, there is now clarity about the future and a period of uncertainty has ended after we already had sold our foreign media replication business activities. We wish them all success and would like to thank in particular our employees who will leave Docdata for their long and loyal commitment to Docdata, and we would like to thank our customers for many years of trust in our company.”

Jan Doggen, Managing Director of docdata media B.V. and from 1 January 2012 on a member of the management team of Replifact Media B.V. in the position of Commercial Director: “When the shareholders of Replifact Media B.V. approached us with the idea for this transaction, we realised that this was a unique opportunity. This allows us not only to safeguard our pillars ‘Quality, Reliability and Service’, but also to further expand through a combination of collective experience of many years and know-how in the replication business. I am very delighted with the agreement of this transaction. I will set to work with great enthusiasm in my new role at Replifact. With this acquisition, Replifact will be able to operate more powerful and strengthen and expand its position in the market for CD and DVD replication. This also implies a promise for the future of customers of docdata media B.V. who we would like to continue to provide our service after the acquisition by Replifact.”

The listed DOCDATA N.V. exists of two lines of business:

E-commerce service company Docdata ( is a European market leader with a strong basis in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Docdata offers a complete e-commerce service portfolio to clients, enabling them to be successful on the internet.

Technology company IAI industrial systems ( is a high tech engineering company specialised in developing and building systems for very accurate and high speed processing of all kinds of products and materials. IAI delivers clients globally in the following sectors: securing and personalising of security documents, processing of solar cells and modules and processing of other materials and products.

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