E-Retail Report 2010: Security in European Online Retailing Higher Than Ever

By Deutsche Card Services Gmbh, PRNE
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

COLOGNE, Germany, February 17, 2011 - Payment security in European online retailing is higher than ever. That
is one of the results of the new E-Retail Report 2010 by Deutsche Card
Services. The non-payment risk for the predominant payment method (credit
card) dropped to a record low of 0.1725%. Less than two out of 1,000
transactions fail. If online retailers use the 3-D Secure technology, the
chargeback ratio even declines further. "Online retailing has suffered much
less from the financial and economic crisis than other sectors. Moreover, the
number of fraud-related non-payments is considerably lower," says Jens
, member of the Management Board of Deutsche Card Services. This
development clearly stems from cooperation with experienced payment services
providers and a more widespread use of security measures. "While such
measures are quite common in traditional stationary retailing, they have not
been used routinely in online business," explains Mahlke. "It is quite
reassuring that retailers' stance on this issue has changed so that the
increasing popularity of online retailing has not led to a proportionate
pick-up in risks." More information:

The E-Retail Report, which analyses purchasing and payment behaviour and
non-payment risks in online retailing, was recently published for the fourth
time in a row. In contrast to other research, the study by the Deutsche Bank
subsidiary is based on real-life purchases and not on surveys. It starts from
about eight million selected transactions settled via the Deutsche Card
Services platform. All data are fully anonymised and comply with all
data-protection requirements. The study is available for download from the
online shop of Deutsche Card Services.

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