eKeynox Trusted Browser Brings Ease of use to Fight Against Internet Threats

By Netheos, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

eKeynox Trusted Browser, Netheos Latest Product Brings Control and Simplicity for Web Browsing on Corporate Intranet, Online Banking, Online Gambling, and More

MONTPELLIER, France, April 12, 2011 - Netheos eKeynox Trusted Browser is a solution running on
personal smart devices such as USB flash drives, secure USB tokens,
smartphones or tablets to protect users against Internet threats.

eKeynox Trusted Browser delivers security and simplicity to
the end user and the IT administrator. With this solution, Netheos delivers
full browsing management to the end user. The IT administrator can totally
manage the user's browsing experience: bookmarks, certificates of allowed web
services, user's identity and certificates, security and web content settings
(javascript, java, flash, and cookies), and more. Browsing capabilities can
be limited through white lists (allowed sites) or black lists (forbidden

Netheos eKeynox Trusted Browser allows to maintain all
user-related elements remotely and easily. For instance, the addition of a
new allowed service can be seamlessly done by the IT administrator with just
adding the new service url, its white list, bookmark, certificate, security
and content settings. "Simplicity is the major innovative added value we
bring as a security expert", said Olivier Detour, Netheos CEO.

With eKeynox Trusted Browser, users are able to experience
secure browsing on the Internet, with an access limited to authorized
websites and functions. As they are in a secure environment, users are able
to perform additional functions such as digital signature.

More information about the eKeynox product series is available
at www.netheos.com/

Netheos will be exhibiting at Infosecurity, Earl's Court,
London UK, 19-21 April 2011, on stand H81a, H81b.

About Netheos

Netheos, SAS has been founded in April 2004 by Xavier Facélina and
Olivier Détour. Located in Montpellier, France, the company has developed its
expertise mainly in the banking and financial sectors, with additional
activities in energy and telecommunications. As a software developer and
engineering firm focusing on online threat protection, Netheos offers its
customers innovative long-term solutions ensuring trust and privacy for data
and digital services, such as web-based services, electronic transactions,
remote access, and more. Netheos is a prize-winner of the French Ministry of
Research technical innovation competition. As a Young Innovative Company
collaborating on several public-sector and private research programs, Netheos
benefits from the support of numerous institutional partners.

Contact: Olivier Detour, Netheos president,
+33-6-17-371-471, o.detour@netheos.net

Contact: Olivier Detour, Netheos president,
+33-6-17-371-471, o.detour at netheos.net

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