Unique Live Streaming Boosted Novozymes' Campaign Performance

By Adform, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

COPENHAGEN, April 12, 2011 - Video banners and online videos are increasingly coming into use among
advertisers to pique a target group's curiosity. The struggle for attention
is tough, and therefore it is important to think in terms of new and creative
approaches. In January, when Novozymes published its annual report, they
decided - as the first company in the Nordic region to do so - to utilise
live streaming directly in banner advertisements.

The technology was supplied by digital marketing company Adform in
cooperation with streaming company Qbrick Denmark, and the marketing results
were spectacularly positive. The innovative campaign setup, with over 158,000
unique frames, contributed greatly to the dramatic increase in the number of
visitors to Novozymes' annual report site compared to last year, despite
having a smaller budget this year. At the same time, the live streaming
banner attracted significantly more attention than a traditional banner and
resulted in a click rate that was 70% up on last year!

"We want to make the world aware of how our biological solutions can
replace oil-based products in everything from petrol to washing powder, and
help the world's industries to make more and better products out of fewer raw
materials," explains Kirsten Laugesen, Corporate Media Manager at Novozymes.
"And we want to communicate this message in an innovative way. The new
banners attracted a great many more visitors to our annual report site this
year than last, despite our basic premise of fewer banner views and a smaller

The campaign, targeted primarily at investors, was carried on Borsen.dk,
Business.dk and Euroinvestor.dk. In addition to live streaming, the campaign
comprised a pre-presentation teaser banner and a looping banner that
"re-broadcast" the annual report meeting after the event had taken place. The
three banners were set and timed beforehand with the help of Adform's online
platform, so that graphics and messages did not need to be replaced during
the campaign.

"Technologically we have come a long way," says Lars Anthonisen,
Marketing Director at Adform. "Video banners are now widespread, so it
certainly pays for advertisers to think in terms of more creative

Versatility is the key word when considering the creative video
opportunities that Adform can deliver. The Video Cube format - an interactive
cube that the user can rotate and use to activate film clips - enhances
interaction, while social sharing widgets integrated into the video banners
increase the prospects of spreading the campaign message. Further examples of
customer cases from Adforms' Creative showcase can be seen at

About Adform

Adform is a leading international supplier of products and services in
digital marketing. Founded in 2002, the company now has offices in London,
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About Qbrick

Qbrick is the leading European supplier of rich media distribution for
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About Novozymes

Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovation. Together with customers
across a broad array of industries Novozymes creates tomorrow's industrial
biosolutions, improving its customers' business and the use of our planet's

With over 700 products used in 130 countries, Novozymes' bioinnovations
increase industrial performance and safeguard the world's resources by
offering superior and sustainable solutions for tomorrow's ever-changing
marketplace. Read more at www.novozymes.com.

Lars M. Anthonisen, Marketing Director, Email: Lars.Anthonisen at adform.com, Phone: +45-3535-7100

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