Electric Cloud Brings Enterprise-Grade Build-Test-Deploy Automation to Smaller Organizations

By Electric Cloud, PRNE
Monday, September 20, 2010

ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition supports each team's unique development environment without the overhead of homegrown or open source solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, September 21, 2010 - JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010 — Electric Cloud(R), the leading
provider of software production management (SPM) solutions, released
ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition at JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010,
providing smaller teams and workgroups with the enterprise-class features and
flexibility of ElectricCommander. ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition (ECWE)
allows smaller organizations to automate and manage their software
build-test-deploy processes, freeing developers from maintaining homegrown,
script-based systems, or adjusting their processes to fit open source tools.

"Every development organization, whether large or small, has unique
requirements for its software build-test-deploy process. Instead of creating
a homegrown system or being forced to adapt their processes to fit open
source or commercial off-the-shelf tools, ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition
works the way developers work," said Usman Muzaffar, Vice President of
Product Management for Electric Cloud.

ElectricCommander provides a single system to support multiple
components, products and / or platforms, making it the build-test-deploy
automation system of choice for both small and large teams developing in
complex Java, C++, .NET or multi-language environments. Unlike open source
tools for builds or testing, ElectricCommander provides the flexibility teams
need, without forcing them to change processes, and unlike a homegrown
approach, ElectricCommander adapts easily to changing requirements and
requires minimal administrative overhead.

The new ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition employs the same underlying
infrastructure as the ElectricCommander enterprise product but is designed to
support processes and workloads of smaller organizations. ECWE has the
flexibility to adapt and grow over time as business needs dictate. As teams
and projects grow, ECWE can be easily transitioned to the enterprise version,
so there is no need to make painful infrastructure and process changes down
the road.

ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition in Java Development Environments

ECWE lets individual Java project teams harness the full power of the
Java EE 6 development stack in their build-test-deploy process. Integration
challenges can become a roadblock to adopting the best new Java-based
commercial and open source tools for development. ElectricCommander's unique
technology streamlines the integration of disparate tools into a single
system that is easily customized to the team's workflow.

Additionally, ElectricCommander implements Java utilities and integrates
the relevant data from these tools into a cogent analysis of project health.
This saves teams the time consuming task of learning multiple utilities and
ensures their use is both effective and consistent. The dashboard and access
control capabilities mean that individuals only see the information that is
relevant to their team and role in the business.

ECWE also makes it easier to implement Agile development in a Java
environment by governing the build-test-deploy process. The Agile requirement
of testing working code at the end of each day doesn't always mesh smoothly
with Java's modularity. ElectricCommander mitigates the introduction of
issues into the code base and highlights issues as soon as they occur. Its
automation and parallelism capabilities mean that build and test tasks are
executed as early as possible and output is captured and analyzed in
real-time thanks to its post-processor.

Electric Cloud's ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition is available
immediately. More information can be found at:

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