Elsevier Acquires Fisterra.Com, an E-Clinical Reference Solution for Spanish Primary Care Professionals

By Elsevier, PRNE
Sunday, May 8, 2011

MADRID, May 9, 2011 - Elsevier (www.elsevier.com), the leading global publisher of
scientific, technical, and medical information products and services,
announced today the acquisition of Fisterra.com, an award winning, widely
used e-clinical reference solution in Spain. Fisterra was launched in 2002 by
two primary care doctors and a medical librarian in response to the need for
an online short answer Spanish language reference solution to help primary
care physicians.

Fisterra.com provides access to Fisterrae, an advanced e-clinical
reference solution that integrates support resources for health professionals
in a local language platform. Fisterrae is written by doctors and pharmacists
and is kept permanently up to date by following medical journals, reviews by
the Cochrane Library and the most important databases of clinical practice

"Fisterra has been a trusted and integral partner to the Spanish medical
community so we're proud of this acquisition," said Claudia Pickholz,
Managing Director, Elsevier Spain. "By combining Fisterra's content with
Elsevier's Spanish and English language online reference materials we can
create a powerful e-clinical reference solution, provide useful and high
quality content for clinical decision making and add to our range of content
and support services for medical students and professionals."

Fisterra.com solutions include: clinical guides and protocols; a clinical
drug database with dosage calculators; a vaccination tool; electronic
continuing medical education content; and patient handouts. A mobile app
suitable for point of care contexts is also in development.

"With Elsevier's broad experience in content creation and review,
Fisterra.com will receive new consultation assets that satisfy the needs of
its professional customers," said Arturo Louro, one of Fisterra.com's
founders who will continue to consult for the site and serve on the product's
new advisor board.

The website will add to Elsevier's electronic services supported by the
most distinguished local authors, translations of major international
references, information and first-level knowledge to individuals and groups
engaged in quality health practice and research.

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