Empires of Collusion: First Shot Fired in Pulp Wars

By Consumers Alliance For Global Prosperity, PRNE
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New report, website document costly collusion between greens, unions, corporations

WASHINGTON, September 29, 2010 - In a public advocacy shot to be heard literally around the world, the
Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (consumerprosperity.com)
(CAGP) today released a new report, "Empires of Collusion"
(pulpwars.com/empires_of_collusion) and launched the website
PulpWars.com. This initiative will fight back against anti-trade,
anti-prosperity collusion among international Green NGOs, American trade
union bosses, and corporations looking to eschew the rigors of a competitive

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The new report (pulpwars.com/empires_of_collusion) represents a
foray for CAGP into more aggressive action and provides the basis for further
forthcoming efforts to educate the world about protectionist efforts in the
United States
viewed through the prism of the paper industry. Among the
findings in "Empires of Collusion":

    -- Globally, green non-government organizations, domestic paper-based
       industries and unions representing workers are colluding to promote
       green protectionism. Collusion by green groups, unions and industry
       will not protect U.S. jobs. But it will increase costs for American
       businesses and for consumers.
    -- U.S. paper companies Appleton Coated, NewPage, and Sappi -- in cahoots
       with the United Steelworkers Union -- have colluded and sought a
       dumping and subsidies complaint against Chinese and Indonesian
       imports. The final decision of the International Trade Commission to
       permanently establish tariffs is set to be announced shortly.
    -- To support their application for these tariffs, unions have lobbied to
       have trade barriers introduced that would cut competition from other
       producers, particularly those in China. Meanwhile, the Dogwood
       Alliance, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, and World Wildlife
       Fund (WWF) have colluded with industry and targeted big box store
       stationary retailers Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Staples to cease
       sourcing paper products from Asia.

CAGP spokesman and Institute for Liberty president Andrew Langer said,
"The groups forming the aptly dubbed 'Empires of Collusion' have made this a
global problem. We're going to let the world know that free enterprise and
free trade are keys to global prosperity. We should also be concerned about
the role of the Alliance for American Manufacturing and their support of this
collusion that is anti-free trade and in direct contradiction to the
principles of competition that should be essential to any thriving business.

We take our duty very seriously to let the world know groups like
Greenpeace, WWF, United Steelworkers, and paper companies like NewPage,
Appleton, and Sappi are directly and purposefully costing U.S. consumers more
money and denying economic opportunity to the developing world."

Click here to download the report:

About CAGP:

Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity is an action-oriented advocacy
group that promotes economic growth and pro-consumer policies across the

For more information or to download the report, visit PulpWars.com. To
schedule an interview with Mr. Langer, please contact

CAGP, media at consumerprosperity.com

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