Finesse Launches RemoteView OPC and BatchReport Modules for Intelligent Harmonization of Third Party Bioreactor Controllers and Analyzers with TruBio DV 4.0 Bioprocess Software

By Finesse Solutions Llc, PRNE
Sunday, March 20, 2011

SANTA CLARA, California, March 21, 2011 - Finesse Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of measurement and control
solutions for life science process applications, has announced the official
launch of two new core modules for off-line data processing in its fourth
generation TruBio DV software. These modules are targeted at enabling
bioprocessing specialists to manage data from third party equipment and
process analyzers, and obtain automated electronic records of their batch.
Since its first launch in 2007, TruBio DV continues to be powered by a DeltaV
Controller from Emerson Process Management, and is fully compatible with
DeltaV versions 9.3 through 11.3.

"TruBio DV software was originally developed to provide automation
hardware independence and to utilize best in class components for upstream
process management. TruBio DV 2.0 was optimized to enable easy scale-up and
scale-down between R&D, process development, and cGMP manufacturing. TruBio
DV 3.0 introduced OPC-based communication with third party analyzers such as
the Nova BioProfile400 and FLEX back in 2008, and demonstrated automated
feeding strategies and intelligent management of redundant process sensors
for pH measurement," stated Basil Zimmo, VP of Software at Finesse.

RemoteView OPC allows seamless digital communication with third party
process equipment and off-line process analyzers, so that TruBio DV can
overlay on existing bioreactors to extend their useful life. BatchReport is
an integrated electronic batch report generator that leverages all process
data consolidated into the TruBio/DeltaV historian.

"To illustrate the power of TruBio DV 4.0 we look at existing examples:
TruBio can overlay and direct over one hundred controllers from diverse
manufacturers including Sartorius, Applikon, New Brunswick and DasGip, with
customized cell-viability-based feed strategies using off-line measurements
from a Nova FLEX, and simultaneously produce an electronic record comparing
several bioreactors running in parallel for efficient design of experiment,"
summarized Mr. Zimmo.

About Finesse Solutions, LLC

California-based Finesse Solutions, LLC, has established a proven record
in providing turn-key, scalable solutions for single-use upstream
bio-processing. The Finesse product platform includes an extensive portfolio
of novel disposable sensors, modular configure-to-order automation hardware,
and intelligent software that can harmonize global bio-process information
and technology transfer. Finesse also offers a complete set of services
including startup, commissioning, and validation for rapid and reliable
deployment of single-use equipment into cGMP manufacturing applications. For
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