Pre-Order Mary Byrne's Debut Album 'Mine and Yours' From Tesco Entertainment

By Tesco Entertainment, PRNE
Sunday, March 20, 2011

LONDON, March 21, 2011 - X Factor star Mary Byrne is hoping to smash to the top of the album
charts with her debut album "Mine And Yours". This is the first piece of
studio work the Irish mother of one has recorded since coming fifth in the X
Factor talent show last year.

Mary Byrne's album "Mine And Yours" (
is available from Tesco Entertainment on pre-order, and is available as
a music download and on CD. For the amazing price of GBP10.47 grab your copy
of the Mary Byrne CD now!

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Packed full of songs from her outstanding performances on X Factor, this
album contains all the classic power ballads her adoring fans love. Songs
like "I (Who Have Nothing)" and "All I Want Is You" show what a wonderfully
rich voice she has and justify every recent success she has had as a singer.
She sings from the heart and that is why so many fans love her.

Mary achieved huge popularity on the X Factor show where she finished in
fifth place. Since then she has been performing live on the 2011 X Factor
tour alongside fellow contestants that include One Direction, Aiden, Paije
and Matt who all made the final nine in the competition.

One Direction and Olly Murs are also making new album releases, available
on the Tesco Entertainment website. The timings of these releases build to
the excitement of the forthcoming X Factor series where fans are hoping to
catch another glimpse of the stars performing.

Mary Byrne's rise from supermarket worker to pop sensation has fulfilled
her wildest dreams. She has wished all her life that one day she might be a
singer. Now that Mary has reached her stardom she is paying her fans back
with this heart warming new album and many future live performance dates
planned ahead.

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