First Ever Simultaneous Combination of Radiofrequency, Ultrasound Cavitation and Mesotherapy Offer Impressive Cellulite Reduction and Butt Lifting Results

By Lipotherapeia, PRNE
Thursday, April 14, 2011

LONDON, April 15, 2011 - LipoTherapeia, London's only dedicated cellulite clinic, now offers a
novel combination treatment for cellulite reduction, skin tightening and butt
lifting, simultaneously incorporating three different technologies for almost
instant, impressive results and unparalleled value for money: high-intensity
monopolar radiofrequency, high-intensity ultrasound cavitation and
injection-free mesotherapy with 15 natural anti-cellulite and skin firming

With summer approaching more and more women are looking for treatments to
diminish the saggy, orange-peel skin look on the their thighs and bottoms.
However, very few of the hundreds of treatments available for cellulite
reduction and skin tightening really "work", and even fewer offer good value
for money. The problem is further compounded by media hype about "miracle
treatments" and widespread ignorance and misinformation.

Among the few treatments that do work, high-power monopolar
radiofrequency and high-power ultrasound cavitation offer the best results.
Low-power versions and other variants of these techniques, such as bipolar
RF, do not really "work" for cellulite. Up until now, these two techniques
have only been available as stand-alone therapies and at a very high cost,
with subsequent limited results and affordability.

However, LipoTherapeia now offers Meso-CRF a simultaneous combination of
both high-power RF and high-power ultrasound cavitation which gives
impressive - quite often instant results - at less than the cost of either
technique alone. In addition, the treatment is applied with the aid of a
highly concentrated anti-cellulite gel. The gel's absorption is enhanced by
the potent no-needle mesotherapy effect that both ultrasound waves and
radiofrequency currents produce.

As a result, clients benefit from three different technologies at the
same time, at no extra cost, making a course of 6x Meso-CRF sessions
equivalent to a course of 18x stand-alone therapies. And the results speak
for themselves: a LipoTherapeia client who had treatment on her buttocks and
back of thighs commented that "it feels like the back of my legs belong to a
different woman when compared the front". Most clients experience an instant
skin tightening and butt-lifting effect, an instant smoothening of the
cellulite bumps and an instant inch loss effect, while in some cases these
impressive results may take 2-3 sessions to materialise. For the best,
longest-lasting results, 6-12 sessions are recommended.

The skin tightening achieved by the treatment is very long-lasting (18+
months) with no specific maintenance required by the client, while the
cellulite/fat reduction can be maintained indefinitely with a healthy
exercise and eating regime. On the day of treatment, clients are encouraged
to only consume vegetables and lean protein (fish, chicken breast etc.) in
order to metabolise the fat released by the fat cells during treatment.

Although the results of Meso-CRF are very impressive, LipoTherapeia
clients are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, with cellulite-specific
nutrition and exercise advice provided at no extra cost. Furthermore,
Georgios Tzenichristos, the cellulite specialist at LipoTherapeia, goes to
great lengths to educate the public about cellulite treatments through the
LipoTherapeia website.

In addition to it's effectiveness, this new, three-into-one treatment is
available at less than the cost of a stand-alone RF, cavitation or
mesotherapy treatment, making it possible for the majority of women to
receive treatment previously worth thousands of pounds, at an affordable
price. Moreover, the simultaneous application of all three techniques also
saves time, essential for those with a busy schedule.

About LipoTherapeia

LipoTherapeia is the only clinic in London that specialises solely in
cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Georgios Tzenichristos has provided
anti-cellulite treatments and researching cellulite for the last 10 years,
and today he and his assistant still focus on offering a personalised,
boutique service from their South Kensington practice to a largely
international clientele.

Journalist invitation

Journalists are invited to have a complimentary session and experience
for themselves the effectiveness of our simultaneously combined
radiofrequency, ultrasound and no-needle mesotherapy treatment.

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