FreezeCrowd, The World's Newest College Social Media Site, to Launch August 29th

By Freezecrowd, PRNE
Sunday, August 28, 2011

CLEVELAND, August 29, 2011 -

After 11 years of development, the social media site FreezeCrowd is finally set to launch. FreezeCrowd is an interactive network that is free for millions of students and alumni in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. The site uses a database of over two million keywords to “FreezeTag” individuals in pictures in hopes to show similar interests between friends, strangers and also to display the uniqueness of each individual. “Not only will you know who your friends are, but what makes them stand out from the crowd,” explained FreezeCrowd founder and CEO Eric Leebow. Friends, clubs, sororities, fraternities, teams, and other groups are welcomed to break the ice with FreezeCrowd. 

The basis of FreezeCrowd is for people to take group photographs and therefore, come together in person. The success of FreezeCrowd is dependent on interpersonal communication and is meant to personalize connections between individuals in photos. These traits makes FreezeCrowd stand alone against other social media outlets. FreezeCrowd encourages individuals to step away from their computers and to go interact face-to-face with friends, friends of friends, meet new people and most importantly, stand out in a crowd.

FreezeCrowd is safe and private for users and is not open to search engines. FreezeCrowd also offers many unique features such as speech bubbles for each individual to comment and a “Crowd Control” button, which shows all the connections made in the photograph. A visual explanation of these features can be seen in this video: is an interactive social networking experience for college students and alumni that connects people in group pictures.

Eric Leebow, Founder and CEO, FreezeCrowd, Inc., +1-774-276-9363, info at

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