German Army, US Air Force and UK Royal Navy to Speak at 10th Annual International Military Helicopter Conference

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Thursday, February 17, 2011

LONDON, February 18, 2011 - Defence IQ confirms representatives from the German Army, US Air Force
and UK Royal Navy as speakers at the International Military Helicopter
conference, taking place 11th-13th May 2011 at the Olympia Conference Centre,

Dedicated to the military helicopter community, this conference is
scheduled to address the current capabilities and future requirements of
participating nations, at a time when many members of the rotary wing
industry remain cautiously optimistic about the sector's prospects:

"The total requirement for helicopters hasn't been reduced as drastically
as, for example, the fixed wing or the multi-engine side. So in that respect
the rotary pipeline has still got quite a significant future," Commander
Michael Greenland, Chief Instructor of the Defence Helicopter Flying School
told Defence IQ recently.

However, at a time of increased budgetary restrictions, international
militaries are looking at the lessons learned and best-practice techniques
from recent operations in order to ensure the cost-effectiveness of current
platforms, and avoid further scaling back of operations and reductions in
personnel numbers - particularly following the highly-publicised sacking last
week of up to one hundred RAF trainee pilots as part of cost-saving measures.

International Military Helicopter 2011 will offer expert insight and
analysis from an international speaker faculty including:

    - Colonel Hans Werner Salewski, Commander, 15 Medium Transport
    Helicopter Regiment, German Army, who will discuss the German Armed
    Force's rotary wing strategy for battlefield support operations
    - Colonel Sam Michaud, Commander, 12 Wing Shearwater, Canadian
    Forces, speaking on the Canadian Armed Forces' maritime helicopter
    - Commander Jol Woodard, Officer Commanding, 845 Naval Air
    Squadron, Royal Navy, talking about the operation of a multirole
    helicopter system in support of joint operations

Defence IQ is offering all serving Flag Officers 1* and above a free pass
to attend the conference. Passes can be requested from Calum Jeffray at

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Calum Jeffray | IQPC, 2nd Floor, 129 Wilton Road,
London SW1V 1JZ | Tel: +44(0)20-7368-9300

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