Horgos (Korgas) in the Spotlight at China-Eurasia Expo

By Horgos Goudgans Real Estate Co. Ltd, PRNE
Monday, September 5, 2011

URUMQI, China, September 6, 2011 -

Horgos (Korgas)’s motto “Win-Win Through Cooperation and Sustainability” at the first China-Eurasia Expo, Urumqi, took on a new meaning for the name “Horgos (Korgas)”. The Chinese government looks to transform China’s westernmost region, Xinjiang, to an important gateway to overseas markets with establishing economic development zone, expanding cross border services and building new thoroughfares in and around Horgos (Korgas), a Xinjiang-based major land port connecting China and Kazakhstan.

Once the Jinghe-Yining-Horgos (Korgas) Railway is completed and fully operational, the distance between China and Central Asia’s railway stations will be cut by 550 kilometers (344 miles), and time needed to move goods from the commercial hubs along China’s coast to Europe will be cut from the current 45 days by sea to 10-11 days through the Eurasian Continental Bridge.

With the Customs Code agreement effective July 6 last year, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan eliminated trade tariffs and removed all restrictions on volume of imported / exported goods between them. China goods can be freely exported to Russia and Belarus via Kazakhstan.

In Horgos (Korgas), traders from all countries can reduce purchasing costs by 5 - 20 percent; i.e. tax rates on bags, watches, tires (20 percent lower), machinery tools, cables, cosmetics (15 percent lower), clothing and plastic products (10 percent lower). China-based traders can achieve 5 - 7 percent direct savings in procurement costs; traders who choose value-add or processing component of work / manufacturing done in Horgos (Korgas) can reduce costs associated with sale of finished goods by 5 - 20 percent. The Chinese government encourages domestic firms to start exporting through the Horgos (Korgas) port, offering them 8,000 yuan (approx. US$1,230) tax exemption per person per day to boost development of the western part of the country.

Goudgans, which is building a commercial complex at the China-Kazakstan Horgos (Korgas) Frontier International Cooperation Center, is confident of the project. Executive Director of Horgos Goudgans Real Estate and Acting Chairman of Goudgans China Bill Tang, said the Chinese government has provided the center with a favorable policy that could very well be the only one of its kind worldwide. Since last year, Horgos (Korgas) has been greatly contributing to the steady development of economies across Central, South and West Asia, and Europe, and continue to provide a stable, reliable channel to further their development.

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