ICIS Launches new eBook - Boom, Gloom and the New Normal

By Icis, PRNE
Sunday, June 26, 2011

LONDON and NEW YORK, June 27, 2011 -


Global chemical and energy information provider ICIS has
launched a new eBook analyzing key macroeconomic shifts and their
impact on future chemical demand.

The latest chapter of the eBook, called ‘Boom, Gloom and the New
Normal - How Western Baby Boomers are Changing Global Chemical
Demand Patterns’, is available for free download at href="www.icis.com/newnormalebook">www.icis.com/newnormalebook.

“Since the early 1980s, we have not had to suffer the multiyear
downturns that were common in previous decades. This good fortune
may be about to change,” says Paul Hodges, co-author of the eBook,
the ICIS Chemicals & the Economy Blog href="www.icis.com/blogs/chemicals-and-the-economy/">www.icis.com/blogs/chemicals-and-the-economy/,
and chairman of UK-based consultancy International eChem.

A key shift in demographics in mature global economies in the US
and Europe will have profound implications for petrochemical and
polymers growth in the future, says Hodges.

Pumping billions of dollars into mature economies to release
pent-up growth is futile, he adds.

“It is time for a new analysis of the underlying issues. This
should start with the demographics, as this drives demand,” Hodges

“As we will discuss in future chapters of the eBook, there are
plenty of exciting new ideas to power the next wave of global
growth” says Hodges.  “We just need a change in mindset. The
winners will focus on understanding how to profit from the
transition to the New Normal.  For example, increasing life
expectancy means the over-55s will soon be one-third of the Western

Co-author of the book is John Richardson, director of ICIS
training Asia, who also writes the ICIS Asian Chemical Connections
Blog href="www.icis.com/blogs/asian-chemical-connections/">www.icis.com/blogs/asian-chemical-connections/.

“The winners in this New Normal will be those who tap into
megatrends - such as aging populations and increasing demand for
food and drinking water,” says Richardson.

“In Asia, the export-focused economies will have to re-focus on
domestic demand. Their definition of middle class is quite
different from the West. In China and India, you are already
‘affluent’ if you are earning as little as $5,000 per year,” he

“The winners from the growth of these middle classes will need
to ferociously control their costs and innovate downwards to make
very cheap, but still-reliable, consumer goods.”

ICIS and International eChem have also launched a new training
course, aimed at  helping companies deal with the New Normal.
Visit href="www.icis.com/newnormalseminars">www.icis.com/newnormalseminars.
Also keep up with insights from Hodges and Richardson in ICIS
Chemical Business magazine. Subscribe today at href="www.icis.com/subscribe">www.icis.com/subscribe.

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