A Handful of Spring Fever - nail-designer.com lets the sun Come Shining Through the Fingertips

By Nail-designer.com, PRNE
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Self-Designed Nail Wraps Round Off the Individual Look

MUNICH, March 24, 2011 - Spring is finally in the air, and the first warming rays of the sun have
at long last lifted the temperature into the positives. New trends also
emerge from hibernation with the return of spring. And what better way to
complement the latest fashions than with a matching set of fingernails? On
www.nail-designer.com, style aficionados will quickly make the perfect
find by designing their own nail wraps that suit their personal tastes.

The dreary days are over, and now it's time to let the colour shine
through. Whether pastel hues, fruit designs or animal prints - the main thing
for spring is to be colourful! Flowers needn't only grace the earth - they
can also adorn outfits and naturally fingernails too. With nail-designer.com,
the world's first provider of self-designed nail wraps on the internet, sun
lovers can get creative and design original and distinctive nail stickers
from hundreds of templates online. In addition, self-designed images can be
uploaded to give each set of nails that uniquely personal touch.

"Everyone can quickly reflect the latest trends with our nail wraps, and
they can also adapt every set to suit their own tastes. Want to stretch a set
of tiger-striped or leopard-spotted claws? Or bedeck your nails with flowers?
No problem! Nail-designer.com makes every spring trend just perfect - right
down to the fingertips," says Christian Doberschuetz, founder and CEO of

About nail-designer.com:

On Nail-designer.com, the world's first provider of self-designed nail
wraps on the internet, users create nail stickers exactly to their liking.
It's possible to choose between different colors, images, texts and even
upload pictures to design an endless array of individual creations. The wraps
are produced via a web-to-print format. Once the designs have been selected
on the computer screen, they are printed using a special process and then
shipped. The price for a set of nail wraps in three different sizes is
6.90EUR. Individuality and creativity are the core concepts at
Nail-designer.com. Due to their ease of use, the wraps can be swapped to suit
any occasion or mood. For more information, visit:

Press Contact: Jasmina Luchs, Tel: +49-30-25-76-205-15,

Press Contact: Jasmina Luchs | Tel: +49-30-25-76-205-15 |
presse at nail-designer.com

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