IPC Introduces IQ/MAX(R) Edge

By Ipc Systems Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Compact Turret/Dealerboard Provides Powerful Functionality For Traders and Trade Support Teams Using IPC's Revolutionary Unigy Platform

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey, March 16, 2011 - IPC Systems, Inc., a leading provider of trading communications solutions
to the world's top financial services firms, today announced the introduction
of IQ/MAX(R) Edge - a new, compact turret/dealerboard featuring most of the
key capabilities of its award-winning and industry-leading big brother,
IQ/MAX. IQ/MAX Edge is designed specifically to provide individuals in small-
to medium-sized trading firms, as well as junior traders, sales traders and
other individuals on the edge of the trading floor in larger firms, the key
capabilities they need to optimize their collaboration with trade support
individuals across the entire trading lifecycle and workflow.

IQ/MAX Edge features presence, hoot and intercom, speakers, private
lines, two handsets, optional voice recording and Microsoft Outlook(R)
integration via IQ/MAX Sync for improved collaboration throughout a trade and
easier communication with customers. Edge users will also benefit from:

    -- Immediate productivity gains from a more streamlined workflow
    -- Greater flexibility to prioritize and manage calls and information for
       a competitive advantage
    -- Improved customer service and retention, and therefore, greater
    -- Increased mobility, by being able to access IQ/MAX Edge functionality
       from anywhere in the world with the optional IQ/MAX Omni soft turret
       on a PC

"IQ/MAX Edge is the ideal solution for traders at small hedge funds,
investment management firms and other specialty trading organizations that
want more functionality than a PBX phone, but don't require all the
capabilities of IQ/MAX," says Michael Speranza, senior vice president,
Product Management and Marketing, IPC. "Edge's compact size saves valuable
space on the desktop, which will also make it well-liked among those working
on the edge of the trading floor and by middle and back office support teams
who need easy connectivity without the clutter of multiple devices for hoot
and intercom."

The new turret is offered in two configurations to fit a user's needs -
Edge 100 and Edge 200. IQ/MAX Edge 100 has 100 buttons for contacts within
and outside a firm, hoot and intercom connectivity and dual handsets. Edge
200 is a step up to 200 buttons for contacts and four speaker channels. Every
IQ/MAX Edge also comes equipped with IQ/MAX Sync - a powerful PC-based
productivity tool that allows users to manage calls, speakers, contacts and
directories directly from a PC. IQ/MAX Sync integrates with users' Microsoft
Outlook local directory to help them simplify workflow processes.

Among Edge's other features are broad, full-color, high-definition
screens that make data easy to read; high-definition audio for more accurate
exchange of information; and an application launch pad for Unigy(TM) apps
that improve trade processing and productivity.

IQ/MAX Edge is powered by Unigy - IPC's new unified trading
communications and applications platform, introduced earlier this month. The
Unigy platform's open standards and service oriented architecture (SOA) helps
streamline trading workflow, create custom apps for a competitive edge,
reduce operational risks and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for firms of
all sizes.

"We've put powerful, cutting-edge technology into a cost-effective turret
for many individuals, delivering easy access to key methods of communications
around the trading floor," Speranza added. "IQ/MAX Edge - a critical
component in an innovative and extensive portfolio of Unigy-powered devices
and applications - provides firms with an end-to-end single vendor solution
designed to give its users a big competitive edge."

About IPC

IPC Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of financial trading
communications solutions to the world's top financial services firms and
global enterprises, including all 20 of the world's 20 largest banks. With
nearly 40 years of expertise and innovation, IPC provides its customers with
global systems and solutions, as well as a suite of products and enhanced
services that includes advanced Voice-over-IP technology and integrated
network and 24×7x365 management services connecting more than 4,000 market
participants in 200 cities and 77 countries. Based in Jersey City, N.J., IPC
has more than 950 employees throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific
regions. For more information, visit www.UnigyFromIPC.com or
www.ipc.com. IPC, the IPC logo, Unigy and IQ/MAX are trademarks of IPC
Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are owned by third parties.

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