Isolux Corsán Wins its First Large Electricity Generation Contract in Asia

By Isolux Corsan, PRNE
Sunday, June 19, 2011

MADRID, June 20, 2011 -

  • It will build a 180-MW generation plant in Khulna, the third
    biggest industrial city in Bangladesh, for €110.3m

  • The group has broad-ranging experience in generation projects,
    with aggregate electricity output of over 3,000 MW

Isolux Corsán wins its first large electricity generation
contract in Asia, for the construction of an open-cycle electrical
power plant with 180 MW installed capacity in Khulna, the third
biggest industrial city in Bangladesh, 150 km from the capital,
Dacca. The project was awarded by Bangladesh’s public-sector
electrical utility, North-West Power Generation Company Ltd. It
will be implemented in 22 months. The contract is worth €110.3m
(US$ 160m).

The initiative forms part of the Bangladesh power system master
plan that aims to electrify the entire country by 2020. It was set
in motion by the government of HasinaWajed, Bangladesh’s current
prime minister and daughter of its first president and founder.
Bangladesh has the seventh largest population in the world, with
168m inhabitants. It also has one of the highest population
densities, which means intensive demand for energy.

The new power plant that Isolux Corsán will build in Khulna will
produce enough electricity to supply a population of 5m
inhabitants. The facilities will be built with state-of-the-art
technology. The group will also carry out the works to connect the
plant to the electrical grid and the gas and diesel pipelines in
the area.

Isolux Corsán has a long track record of construction and
commissioning of electrical power plants using a range of
generation technologies: open cycle, combined cycle, cogeneration,
coal-fired, wind-driven, photovoltaic, biomass and hydro. It has
implemented projects in various countries in Europe, Latin America,
Africa and Asia, with an aggregate capacity of over 3,000 MV.
IsoluxCorsán has thus become a major international player in the
construction of turn-key photovoltaic projects, with over 270 MWp
installed capacity. These include the PV plant in Rovigo (Italy),
considered the largest in Europe.

The group is currently working in Argentina on two power plants
for Enarsa (whose combined capacity is 846 MW) and a coal-fired
plant on the Turbioriver, using fluidized bed combustion (FBC), one
of the least contaminating technologies.It has also initiated work
on the construction of an industrial complex in Meta (Colombia),
which includes a bioethanol plant, with processing capacity for
2,100,000 tonnes of cane per year, and a 50-MW cogeneration
electrical plant fuelled by cane residues.

The company has also recently implemented an open-cycle floating
power plant with two 100-MW gas turbines for the Angolan
government, to supply the capital, Luanda. As well as finalising
the construction of the dual-fuel gas-fired plant in Futila, with a
capacity of 80 MW, it also has several other projects underway.

Position in Asia

The construction of the Khulna plant is the first project that
Isolux Corsán will roll out in Bangladesh. The group is thus
consolidating its operation in Asia, where it has stable operations
in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,
Syria and India. In India, it has 710 km of toll roads under
concession, and is also constructing and commissioning several
power transmission lines in Uttar-Pradesh and the state of

About Isolux

Isolux Corsán is a major global company in construction, power,
concessions and industrial services. It operates in over 30
countries on 4 continents and is the largest unlisted Spanish group
in the construction and public-works sector. Its core growth
businesses are power transmission, toll road and car park
concessions, plus the construction of large infrastructure. Isolux
Corsán has3,812 km of power lines in Brazil and the USA. It owns
1,700 km of toll roads in Brazil, India, Mexico and Spain, and has
over 21,600 parking spaces under concession. The group has
long-standing experience in construction and maintenance of large
infrastructure:  toll roads, railways, civil engineering
works, hydraulic and maritime engineering works and residential and
non-residential building. In the power industry, Isolux Corsán is
one of the largest construction companies world-wide for EPC
(engineering, procurement & construction) projects in the
photovoltaic sector, with over 267 MW under operation in 2010. It
is a key player amongst the largest companies involved in building
EPC power plants, with 1,500 MW under construction. It is also
involved in industrial processes, with turnkey projects in the oil
& gas industry and biofuel plants. In 2010, the company
reported over €3.24 bn in revenues, an EBITDA of €311m and a
backlog of €30.18 billion.


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