IVA.co.uk Gives 10 Top Tips for Saving Money This Valentine's Day

By Iva.co.uk, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

LONDON, February 14, 2011 - IVA.co.uk, an online debt forum, has 6,000 members, all of whom need a
little help celebrating events like Valentine's on a budget. Andy Davie,
spokesperson for IVA.co.uk, lends a helping hand with his top 10 tips for a
money saving Valentine's.

1. Play chef for the evening

Wining and dining on Valentine's Day can be pretty pricey. So
the best way to save the pennies this 14th February is to don the apron and
cook up a delicious, candle lit meal for your loved one. You don't need to be
the next Jamie or Nigella to impress your other half, simply search online to
find helpful step-by-step recipes which won't break the bank.

2. Devise a meal from your cupboard

If you'd rather not spend money on extra ingredients for your
Valentine's meal a cheaper option might be to use what you've already got
stacked away in the cupboard. Don't fret if you find you're lacking culinary
imagination, simply type the ingredients you've found into the 'Quick recipe
finder' at www.bbc.co.uk/food. The website will put together a
number of easy to follow recipes for you. Just remember, as long as you've
got the company, it really doesn't matter how the meal turns out.

3. Or if cooking really isn't your thing…

Many supermarkets offer deals on special Valentine's Day ready
meals for two. Most include three courses, a side plate, wine and even a box
of chocolates for just GBP20. Quick and convenient, the ready meal will take
care of itself in the oven, while you put on your favourite outfit, light the
candles and turn up that Barry White CD.

4. Sign up for discount vouchers

If eating out is your only option, search the Internet for
voucher websites offering printable discounts, including '2 for 1' and '20%
off', on thousands of high street restaurants. Simply fill out your details
online, print the voucher and present it to your waiter/waitress on arrival.

Try out www.vouchercodes.com and www.vouchercodes.co.uk.

5. Pick another date

Avoid eating out over the Valentine's period as set menus are
likely to be more expensive during this time. Make a compromise and celebrate
Valentine's Day with a meal the week after. Not only are you more likely to
get a table at your favourite restaurant, your bill will be considerably

6. Make a card for your loved one

These days we can find ourselves forking out close to GBP5 for
the average Valentine's card. So, while more and more of us are starting to
feel the pinch this February, now's the time to get creative. A piece of red
card, a pair of scissors and a touch of glitter is all you need to create a
thoughtful yet inexpensive token of your love.

7. Take them for a winter picnic

If you feel that you can brave some February alfresco dining
then why not take your other half for a winter picnic? Pack some sandwiches,
a flask of hot chocolate and wander down to a scenic spot in your local park.
Not only is it an inexpensive yet incredibly romantic way to spend
Valentine's this year, a winter picnic also provides an excellent excuse to
snuggle up and keep warm.

8. Rent a 'Rom Com'

In order to compete with the recent increase in people
downloading films online, DVD rental companies have considerably reduced
their rental prices, many offering bargain deals such as '2 for 1'. There's
nothing quite like watching a romantic film to get you in the mood, so why
not support your local DVD rental shop and spend an evening in with a film
this 14th February.

9. Buy a single red rose

The red rose is considered the ultimate symbol of love and men
have showered women with a dozen red roses every Valentine's Day for
centuries. Be wary, however, as a bunch of red roses today could set you back
around GBP40. If you want to keep up the flower giving tradition this
Valentine's Day, without emptying your wallet, then why not present your
loved one with a single red rose; a beautiful symbol of your love that goes
easy on the pocket.

10. Do something you wouldn't normally

Candle lit meals and flowers aside, the true meaning of Saint
Valentine's Day is about expressing your love for a special person. Showing
that you care really doesn't have to cost anything. Simply leave a token of
your love for your other half by doing something which you wouldn't normally.
Whether it's making them a cup of tea in the morning, or a goodbye kiss
before they leave for work, a simple gesture like this is enough to remind
them of your affections.

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