Jermaine Jackson’s New Book - You are Not Alone - Serialised Exclusively in The Times

By News International, PRNE
Thursday, September 8, 2011

LONDON, September 9, 2011 -

On 25th June 2009 Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, tragically died. 2 years on, his brother Jermaine Jackson has written a touching memoir of his brother’s life and death.

In his book, which is exclusively serialised in The Times starting this Saturday, Jermaine Jackson gives an unrivalled insight into Michael’s mental state and his health before he died and answers some of the questions we have all been asking.

What really happened behind the scenes during the molestation trial?

What would have happened if he had been convicted?

How did the family react to his death and how are they coping after 2 years?

And as Conrad Murray goes on trial in California, what does he really think about Michael’s doctor?

In an exclusive interview for the Saturday Magazine Andrew Billen meets Jermaine Jackson at Hayvenhurst, the Jackson’s family compound outside LA. It was here that Michael, Jermaine and the Jackson clan spent their youth and it was to here that the siblings retreated with their parents after Michael’s death.

Speaking to Andrew, Jermaine offers a unique view of Michael as a father and a brother, his relationship with women and fights back in an attempt to counter the myths against his brother.

Don’t miss the first of two exclusive extracts from Jermaine Jackson’s new book - You Are Not Alone - plus a revealing interview, only in The Times and at this Saturday. The serialisation continues in The Times, in-paper and online, next week.

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