The 100 Must-See Films of all Time

By News International, PRNE
Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Conclusive Review of the Essential Films of all Time

LONDON, March 4, 2011 - Hot on the heels of a great British success at The Oscars, this weekend
The Sunday Times website will publish their definitive 100 Must-See Films.
Ten movie critics from The Sunday Times have compiled lists, lots of lists,
about everything that makes movies magical.

How do the latest pretenders like The Social Network and Toy Story 3
measure up to established classics such as The Godfather, Star Wars and
Apocalypse Now? Available exclusively at, from
Sunday 6th March, the 100 Must-See Films will be fully interactive, allowing
users to search the essential films (
of all time by genre, price, and decade; readers can even click and buy the
film directly from the list.

Which is funnier? The excruciating indifference of Borat or the big
haired bravado of This is Spinal Tap? Who has the best opening sequence? The
epic humm of the star cruisers in Star Wars: Episode IV or the visceral
bullet-blistering beach landing of Saving Private Ryan ? Whether you agree
with the critics or not, The Sunday Times 100 Must-See Films is a celebration
of the iconic moments of all of our favourite films.

Further categories are self-explanatory. They are a celebration of the
"many kinds of pleasure" - as Federico Fellini said - film can offer. Epic
battles, laughs, films that grip from the start, those that leave you
gobsmacked. All in, from Rick letting Ilsa go, to Woody and Buzz. You will
find the lists in the Culture section this Sunday.

To celebrate the launch of the 100 Must-See Films list, The Sunday Times
is giving away a free download of In The Loop on 6th March, available to all
readers of The Sunday Times. To see The Sunday Times' 100 Must-See Film list
join at

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