Jonny Wilkinson in his Own Words

By Jonny W Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LONDON, August 10, 2011 -

In a series of more than 100 short films (30 of which have been released today) Jonny Wilkinson speaks openly and candidly about his journey and gives people an insight into his world for the first time.

“I get the feeling a lot of people will be surprised by the films, they are very honest and really do show Jonny as he is,” said Sparks (Mark Wilkinson), Jonny’s brother and one time Newcastle Falcons teammate.
A new digital content company Powershift (  has, over the past year, filmed Jonny, Sparks and Blackie (renowned sports coach and motivational speaker), not to mention All-Blacks legend Carl Hayman.
What has emerged now forms the nucleus of Jonny Wilkinson’s new website (, and is a sideways look at Jonny’s world and his unique take on rugby, his career, life and leisure time.
Although the films are variously funny, insightful, surprising and educational (particularly about the psychological side of what has made Jonny so successful), what emerges is the feeling that whilst watching the films you are spending time with the man himself.
“The films are part of a long term project with Jonny,” said Powershift Managing Director, Ross Alderson. “The social web demands a different voice and we have created the films especially for Jonny’s audience online and in social networks.”
Even the navigation of the video content is done differently and in a specifically digital way using the unique Mind Map application. Here viewers can explore the video content by association. Simply clicking on the subject areas around the videos enables people to follow themes or ideas located in the content.
“We wanted to make the films the core of the project, and we invented the Mind Map so people could explore them more intuitively,” commented Ross Alderson.
The Jonny Wilkinson official website will be launched on Wednesday 10th August 2011. It is located at: (

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