Michael Lucas Calls for Israeli Delegation to Fly Flag at Berlin Gay Pride Festival

By Michael Lucas, PRNE
Monday, April 25, 2011

NEW YORK, April 26, 2011 - Gay adult film producer, Advocate columnist and Israel supporter Michael
is calling for Israeli delegates to the upcoming Berlin pride festival
to change the shameful decision not to march with Israeli flags or other
symbols of their national identity.

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"Just as it takes courage to be an out gay person in this world, so it
takes strength of character to proclaim an Israeli identity," says Lucas. "In
the case of both gays and Israelis, not everyone is self-confident enough to
stand up to ignorance, stereotypes, and hatred. But, astonishingly, this
coming June in Berlin, we will see an example of self-loathing literally on

"I'm truly baffled by this situation. I've traveled to Israel many times
and have always marveled at the don't-mess-with-me attitude of gay men and
women there. This is a country with a thriving gay community of brave,
patriotic people - the vast majority of whom have defended their nation in
the Israeli Defense Force. Most gay Israelis would sooner die than betray
their identity and deny their flag."

Though some have attributed the decision to march without national
symbols to the Tourism Ministry, Lucas insists that the Israeli group that is
marching must openly make a statement that they will be carrying the flag no
matter who made this choice.

In a recent article on Advocate.com, Lucas states, "When it comes to what
pride is all about, there's no better symbol than Israel. It's the Middle
one safe nation for LGBT people - a place where Christian, Muslim, and
Jewish gay people are able to live with rights and dignity. On the other side
of its borders and throughout the rest of the region, homosexuality is
illegal and punished with humiliation, imprisonment, and death."

"If this group marches in Berlin - and it's not too late to stop them -
it will be a complete misrepresentation of both the strength and spirit of a
people who have fought to defend both their country and their place in
society. Israel must send to Berlin individuals who've got the courage to
hold their heads - and their flags - up high."

For further inquiries, please contact Michael Lucas at
michael@lucasentertainment.com or +1-212-924-5892.


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