Key Assets Opens as a New Fostering Agency in Kentucky

By Key Assets Kentucky, PRNE
Monday, August 15, 2011

MOUNT STERLING, Kentucky, August 16, 2011 -

Key Assets Kentucky, a newly established fostering agency, is now open and ready for the challenge of placing children in Kentucky with complex needs into family based foster homes.

Through an official ribbon cutting ceremony, held courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce, Key Assets Kentucky opened the doors to its first new office based on Main Street in Mt. Sterling.

The fostering agency is now fully focused on recruiting foster parents across the Eastern Mountain, North Eastern, Northern Bluegrass and Southern Bluegrass regions of Kentucky, providing family based care for children and young people with complex needs.

Key Assets Kentucky will specialize in placing children and young people who may be considered ‘high level’ and display difficult behavior usually as a result of past experiences. Through the delivery of Team Parenting - a unique, therapeutic approach to foster care which draws together a range of qualified professionals to support the carer and the child - Key Assets Kentucky looks to make a positive and lasting difference to children and young people’s lives.

Through the global brand of Fostering First International, Team Parenting has made a positive impact on the lives of children and young people with both trauma and attachment difficulties in over four continents across the world.

Chris Groeber, CEO of Key Assets Kentucky, comments: “I have been working in child welfare for nearly 25 years in one setting or another and have waited for people to engage with our more difficult kids in Kentucky in a way that was laser beam focused on them and their needs and understood the meaning of community as it relates to them.”

He concluded: “I believe we are those people and Key Assets Kentucky is that agency, and I am completely and irrevocably committed to making their lives better, one at a time.”

Alongside the opening of the new office is the launch of the new website, which offers a wealth of information about fostering and focuses on the recruitment of foster parents to look after some of Kentucky’s most vulnerable children. Other features of the new website include real life fostering stories from other Fostering First International operations across the globe, a regular blog from Chris Groeber, and a range of news updates to stay in touch with all of the agency’s developments.

About Key Assets Kentucky:

Key Assets Kentucky is a newly established foster care agency based in Kentucky, USA. The organization is part of the global brand Fostering First International, the international fostering arm of the Core Assets Group Ltd. The Kentucky foster care agency’s mission to provide ‘quality care in a family setting’ reflects its commitment to placing children and young people with complex needs into family homes. Through a therapeutic approach to fostering and the delivery of high quality support and training to the foster carer and the child, the agency aims to make a positive and lasting difference to children and young peoples’ lives.

Key Assets Kentucky PR contact:
Chris Groeber
Executive Director
Key Assets Kentucky
44 E Main St.
Mt. Sterling, KY  40353


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