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By Carpetright, PRNE
Thursday, September 8, 2011

PURFLEET, England, September 9, 2011 -

With such a wide variety of carpet styles available, choosing the right one is not always an easy task. Knowing the key difference is important when choosing between weave, pile, fabric, colour and style as choosing the wrong carpet is not an option.

Hundreds of customers visit Carpetright every day asking what new carpet is best suited to their needs and our team are on hand to give you practical advice on choosing the right carpet to create a stylish or practical look in your home.

What Carpet Style Suits You?

If you are looking for a bold statement carpet, why not choose a patterned carpet? Patterned carpets are available in a range of colours and patterns including plum, black, pink, mocha and more.

Carpetright has a wide range of carpets that offer a variety of styles and colours. Kosset carpets are perfect if you’re looking to add comfort and a blast of colour to your room while Sisal carpets are better suited to neutral and hard-working areas of the home. Why not choose a new carpet from our Sisal range and partner it with naturally toned products for a calm and neutral décor.

Crossley carpets are another alternative for fans of bold or neutral coloured carpets. Whether you’re looking for a bold modern look or a more traditional feel you are sure to find a colour match for your style.

Different Rooms, Different Carpets

As well as choosing a carpet that matches your personal taste, you need to consider which room you are shopping for.

When choosing a living room carpet it is important to choose one that will add a touch of luxury and comfort ensuring your living room is a place perfect for relaxing. Alternatively, shopping for a stair carpet or hallway carpet is very different. With the excessive foot traffic on a hall or stairway, you need to ensure your carpet choice is hard-wearing and durable as you don’t want it to look worn or tired.

The Importance of Carpet Underlay

When purchasing a new carpet, it is recommended that you also buy new underlay too. Ensuring a carpet is fitted correctly the first time will minimalize future problems. The importance of choosing the right underlay is essential if your new carpet is going to fit correctly and stand the test of time.

About Carpetright

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