goMobi Content Mobilization Platform Goes Global With Advanced Language Capabilities

By Dotmobi, PRNE
Monday, December 13, 2010

New language features head list of enhancements to award-winning goMobi service for creating and maintaining mobile-ready sites

DUBLIN, December 14, 2010 - dotMobi, a worldwide leader in the development & discovery of quality
mobile content and the company behind the .mobi Internet domain, today
announced a series of new, innovative features for both users and sales
partners of goMobi(TM), the world's first content mobilization platform — a
hybrid of a traditional content management system and a practically automatic
mobile website builder.

For goMobi users, the service now offers new tools to help generate
additional business via the mobile Web. These tools include:

    -- Local Language Set-up. To make site creation even easier for
       businesses around the world, goMobi customers can now use the goMobi
       Setup Assistant in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and
       Simplified Chinese.
    -- Site Visitor Translation. With one click, visitors can view a goMobi
       site in the language of their choice, with 14 languages available.
    -- Easy Events Calendar. goMobi users can publicize their events, like
       sales or conferences, via an XML feed from Google Calendar. And site
       users can add the event into their vCal-compliant device calendars.
    -- Advanced "Find Us." goMobi now shows the direction and distance to a
       business from the user's current location on higher-end devices via
       GPS and / or built-in compass.

For goMobi sales partners, goMobi now offers:

    -- Multi-language Set-up Support. Sales partners can now offer goMobi in
       English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese --
       or let goMobi site owners decide which language they prefer to use
       when creating their sites.
    -- goMobi Administration Tool improvements include enhanced reporting
       capabilities that allow exporting of goMobi subscription information
       (in .csv format) plus the ability to easily track trial customers to
       encourage activating accounts.

"The mobile Web is a unique, low-cost channel for small businesses to
market themselves. Having goMobi available in multiple languages makes the
advantages of the mobile Web accessible to the bulk of the world's mobile
phone users," said Trey Harvin, CEO, dotMobi. "I'm happy to bring goMobi to
the world's small businesses so they can create fast, easy and complete
mobile sites without language barriers."

Harvin added, "And for our sales partners, dotMobi is making marketing
materials available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese,
along with a sub-reseller marketing kit in Spanish, French and German so that
selling goMobi is easier than ever."

Global Internet services company Tucows and its OpenSRS group have
recently joined the family of providers now offering goMobi. Adam Eisner,
Director of Domain Services at Tucows, said, "We're excited to offer goMobi
to our resellers and clients. And we're especially pleased with goMobi's
language enhancements because we have a large base of Spanish and French
users who demand 'in-language' services. And with the availability of goMobi
in Simplified Chinese, it's obvious that goMobi's reach will ensure that it's
the global standard for a mobile Web presence."

goMobi, recently named as "best technical Innovation of 2010" by the
Irish Software Association, is available from a variety of Internet service
companies, including BulkRegister, eNom, Instra Corporation, IP Mirror,
name.com and OpenSRS. goMobi will soon be available from EuroDNS,
InterNetWire and its subsidiaries, and InterNetX.

For information on how registrars, Web services & hosting companies, and
developers & designers can offer goMobi to their customers, please contact

Details on setting up your goMobi mobile website are at
goMobi.info (on desktops) and at go.mobi (on mobile devices).

About dotMobi

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development & discovery of quality mobile content through innovative
services, in turn helping businesses and individuals reach the world's
billions of mobile phone users. dotMobi spurs mobile industry innovation by
giving content providers the tools they need to ensure the Web will work on
mobile phones with speed, accuracy and relevant content. dotMobi is a wholly
owned subsidiary of Afilias Limited.

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