Last Call for UK Businesses in Preparation for 2012 Olympics

By Powwownow, PRNE
Sunday, October 9, 2011

LONDON, October 10, 2011 -

Recent findings from leading conference call provider, Powwownow suggest trouble ahead unless companies begin planning now.  

In a survey which asked over 1,000 UK employees how they or their employers are preparing for the London 2012 Olympic Games, a staggering 41 percent responded with ‘we have not made any preparations and do not intend to’. This worryingly high figure suggests people are still unaware of the true extent businesses will be affected during the seven week period between 27th July - 9th September 2012. Furthermore, many UK businesses are still unsure of exactly what to do.  

With all manner of disruptions anticipated, it is essential that businesses prepare now, as Powwownow CEO, Andrew Pearce states: “Our findings point to the fact that even with less than ten months to go, a majority of businesses continue to be naive about the obvious disorder the Olympics will cause for companies all around the UK.  Even though companies based in the Capital will face the brunt of the issues, companies nationwide will face challenges.”

Employees will face severe travel disruptions, as might customers and supply chains. As such, it is expected managers will have to deal with annual leave requests, enable and encourage staff to work remotely and begin stockpiling amongst other precursory measures.

17 percent of the 1143 respondents said they ‘had not begun preparing yet but did intend to’; whilst 30 percent stated quite honestly they simply ‘didn’t know what to do’.

In light of these findings, Powwownow have prepared a downloadable White Paper that addresses every kind of problem businesses will face and how best to overcome them. With advice on how to prepare a plan and then tailor, test and communicate that plan to staff - the white paper is designed to act as a definitive 2012 Olympic guide for businesses of all sizes.

Downloadable White Paper: ‘London 2012 Olympic Games - A Guide for UK Business’

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