Leading EU Financial Services Advisory Firm MAP S.Platis Obtains First Investment Firm License from Kuwait

By Map S.platis, PRNE
Monday, November 1, 2010

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, November 2, 2010 - MAP S.Platis is pleased to announce the latest Cyprus Investment Firm
license awarded to one of its FX brokerage clients, bringing the total number
to 17 successful Cyprus Investment Firm license applications secured and
consulted by the firm in the last three years.

With the constant influx of foreign financial services and investment
firms into Cyprus, the work done by the leading financial services advisory
firm MAP S.Platis is crucial to the continued development of the sector
whilst through their assistance and expertise, such firms can be more
successful in their attempts to secure an EU investment firm license.

Over the last three years, Cyprus has experienced a great influx of
foreign investment firms and particularly international FX brokers,
(www.mapsplatis.com/Forex/) who have been seeking a Cyprus Investment
Firm (CIF) license. In total within the last three years, a total of 33 firms
have received a CIF license allowing them to offer their services within the

There is no doubt of the importance of the FX market in Cyprus and the
intricacies of this industry. The Cypriot regulatory authority, the Cyprus
Securities and Exchange Commission (known as CySEC) has become increasingly
strict with the applications it receives and benchmarks it puts in places
before providing authorisations, in order to maintain a high standard amongst
licensees who include a great number of international FX brokers and FX
market makers. (www.mapsplatis.com/Forex/)

The new more stringent regulatory requirements and complicated
applications procedures which must be satisfied in order to meet the
requirements of the CySEC CIF license (
www.mapsplatis.com/InvestmentFirmLicense/) have resulted in an
increased demand for the specialist services provided by MAP S.Platis. MAP
S.Platis is the leading EU Financial services consultancy firm providing
advisory, training and research services to an impressive list of clients
primarily based in Europe. The company's expert teams have in fact promoted
or consulted during the license or activation of an impressive 61% of all CIF
licenses secured since the passing of the relevant EU financial services Law
in Cyprus.

This is a strong indication of the firm's proven experience in this
complicated sector of financial regulation. In fact, recently, MAP S Platis
has also been involved in training sessions and seminars for the regulatory
staff at CySEC also, a clear vote of confidence for the services of the
leading financial services advisor, further strengthening their position as
market leaders in their field.

Most recently, MAP S Platis has been involved in securing the first-ever
CIF license for an entity from the State of Kuwait. This involved the firm
undertaking a key role of liaising between the Cypriot regulator and all
relevant equivalent bodies of authority within Kuwait and to effectively
manage the application to its successful culmination. This now opens the path
for further investment firms from the State of Kuwait to obtain their Cyprus
Investment Firm licenses.

Due to the increased level of interest in its services and several client
requests, MAP S.Platis will be participating in the forthcoming Middle East
Online Trading Summit, taking place on 9-10 November 2010 in Dubai, United
Arab Emirates

This will be an opportunity for all those who would like further
information on obtaining an EU financial institution license in order to
operate within or from the European Union, to discuss their options with a
firm which has experience and expertise in this sector and an impressive
track record for successful licenses obtained. For all those wishing to meet
with MAP S.Platis, they may visit Stand No. X48 at the exhibition.

As well as providing information on their spectrum of
services, MAP S.Platis consultants will be available to discuss and explain
various available models and types of European investment, corporate and
financial structures with companies interested in obtaining their European
Union financial services license or becoming active in the European union.

About MAP S.Platis:

MAP S.Platis is a specialised and comprehensive EU Financial Services
consultancy firm located in Cyprus, offering consulting services, executive
training and research to the European financial services sector, with an
impressive client list, throughout Europe. In Cyprus, MAP S.Platis have
registered, assisted and consulted the registration of over 60% of all
Investment Firms registered under MiFID, to-date and regularly provide
training to these firms and also the government regulatory authorities. For
further information about MAP S.Platis, visit www.mapsplatis.com,
email info@mapsplatis.com or call +357-2535-1335.

For further information on the participation of MAP S Platis at the
forthcoming Middle East Online Trading Summit please visit

    Contact Details: 

    Phone Number: +357-2535-1335
    Website: www.mapsplatis.com

Contact Details: Name: Alexandros Constantinou, Job Title: Consultant, Email: aconstantinou at mapsplatis.com, Phone Number: +357-2535-1335

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