Majestic MRSS Reinforcing China Operations

By Majestic Market Research Support Service Ltd, PRNE
Monday, March 1, 2010

MUMBAI, India, March 2, 2010 - Majestic MRSS has further expanded its presence in the Chinese region by
adding team members and facilities.

Majestic MRSS has also launched the Focus Vision service for its market
research facility in Shanghai. With this latest launch, Majestic has now
equipped eleven of the firm's Focus Group facilities with State-of-the-Art
video streaming facilities across Asia. This latest expansion has closely
followed the firm's foray into the GCC market, adding to its facilities in
Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and major metros in India. The firm now has
fifteen facilities across nine countries of which eleven facilities across
six countries are Focus Vision enabled. "We think the technologies that we
are bringing into the Market Research Industry in China would attract a lot
of customers. This is especially true with regards to the Eye-Tracking
technology & Usability labs that we are launching in China" said Raj Sharma,
Co-Founder, Majestic MRSS

"We have seen that our clients who are researching in the Chinese market
have started looking beyond the major cities as they feel that the top
markets may have been researched quite a bit. This has made us take the
direction of adding to our rural team. We welcome Randy Chen and Lizzie Chang
to the MMRSS family" added Mr. Sharma. This is further echoed by Mr. Randy
who adds "I believe that the Chinese market is much different than most
other Asian markets and we therefore would recommend our clients to explore
the interiors as much going forward". Randy Chen, who is a Chinese born US
citizen, joins MMRSS after vast cross-industry experience across geographies
of Taiwan and Greater China. Having studied law in the US Randy brings to the
team an unparalleled experience of market research in the West and the East.
Lizzie mentioned " It is a thrilling experience to accompany International
visitors to interesting areas such as Anshan, Bengbu, Nanning, and others"

About Majestic Research Services:

Established in 1992, Majestic MRSS is Asia's Largest Independent Full
Service Market Research Firm operating across nine countries currently.
Majestic MRSS is specialized in Multi-Country Research. To date, MMRSS has
worked with clients in diverse industries from healthcare and pharmaceutical
companies, FMCG/CPG companies, automotive companies, telecom service
providers and media companies. For further information areas please visit


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    Co-Founder & President, Director, Majestic MRSS Ltd.
    DID: +91-93221-05830

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