Married Couple Releases Explicit Pair of Music Videos

By Silver Curve Records, PRNE
Monday, September 26, 2011

NEW YORK, September 27, 2011 -

Sky Silver, CEO of Silver Curve Records, and his wife, Nadia Kay, have released separate and erotic music videos for sale exclusively on iTunes.  Many claim them to be the sexiest music videos ever released in the music industry.  


“FASHION NOW” music video by SKY SILVER in the
U.K.: or and

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and “LOVErGIRL” music video by NADIA KAY in the
U.K.: and

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can be downloaded from iTunes to raise funds for a comedy feature film about Silver Curve Records and the events that took place that formed the label. Both music videos were directed and produced by Sky and Nadia in the summer of 2011 and recently released worldwide.  

Nadia came up with the idea for the music video for her song, “LOVErGIRL”- the concept being herself dreaming of a fantasy between her and the beautiful female models in her husband’s music video, “FASHION NOW.”  She promised Sky she would film “FASHION NOW” after he released her debut music video to the song, “CAPTAIN SKY LOVE” - the first single on her second studio album, “RELOADED” U.K.: and

Sky and Nadia are extremely dedicated to their new endeavors that the couple gave up having a wedding ceremony and engagement ring to shoot each other’s music videos for release on their record label -

Artists who have released songs on Silver Curve Records through iTunes are: AMBER LEE ETTINGER, NADIA KAY, TORI MARTIN (U.K. resident:, SKY SILVER, MARKETA, JUNE 1974 and others.

Sky recently finished a comedy feature screenplay with a recent NYU graduate and TV pilot script.  He filmed several well-regarded HD music videos and completed a business plan to raise $3.2 million to direct and produce his feature film screenplay titled, “She Said.”  The soundtrack to the film, She Said, will be released exclusively on Amazon and iTunes through Silver Curve Records.

Sky, a onetime worker at Two World Trade Center up until 9/11, decided to make a career change into the entertainment industry soon after the 2001 tragedy that changed his life forever.

He has a lot to say from working at the trade centers to meeting and living with Amber Lee Ettinger, to being inspired by a long time acquaintance, famed director/producer/writer Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Old School, The Hangover, Due Date, and The Hangover Part 2) whom he ran into at a bachelor party that Sky threw, and to learning the creative process of seeing a comedy hit move from paper to the silver screen.  Todd and Sky lived in the same apartment/bedroom during different times in their lives.   Sky had also once lived with and gave numerous ideas to the writer of the film, Just Friends, starring Ryan Reynolds when the screenplay was being written by his old roommate, and he feels now is the time to direct and produce his own comedy feature movie.

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Sky is eager to get back to work at ground zero by starting a film production company in downtown Manhattan.  ”The tragedy affected my life in many ways and I would like to see more businesses come back to lower Manhattan.  Even after so many years, anything Silver Curve can do to bring back jobs faster in this economy is my main concern.”  Five percent of the film’s profits will be donated to the rebuilding of ground zero.

Sky is meeting with potential financiers for his film.  He states, “Helping to revitalize a place that once thrived as the center of the financial capital of the world is a distant dream but I feel like every day I am one step closer to making it a reality.  The entertainment industry may reside in L.A., but New York will always have more locations to offer when it comes to filming cinema classics.  I hope I can create a new workplace for both the creative minds of the East Coast as well as diversified investment opportunities for investors.”  

For any inquiries regarding the feature film please contact  For any media or press interviews please contact or  Silver Curve Records, +1-347-249-9267.


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