Marshall & Swift/Boeckh Launches the InFocus Solutions Suite to Diagnose and Fix Key Problems for Property Insurers

By Marshall Swiftboeckh, PRNE
Sunday, July 11, 2010

MILWAUKEE, July 12, 2010 - Marshall & Swift/Boeckh ("MSB") has launched an integrated suite of
business intelligence solutions that will allow property insurers to rapidly
diagnose potential concerns and act on opportunity areas within their books
of business. The integrated suite is called InFocus Solutions. MSB has
identified six important opportunity areas that property insurers' need to
clearly understand and decisively act upon to help fuel measurable
improvements in profitability:

    - Leakage - from coverage/premium inadequacy and claims leakage
    - Sales channel performance
    - Risk selection
    - Loss prevention/loss mitigation
    - Pricing accuracy
    - Lack of policy count growth

To efficiently diagnose potential performance concerns and opportunities
in those areas, InFocus Solutions rapidly segments books of business by loss
ratio, loss costs, retention, frequency, severity, ITV coverage adequacy
and/or distribution channel performance. Within each segment, InFocus
Solutions identifies the variables that are driving the results and allows
the insurer to complete detailed root cause analyses, all the way down to the
policy level. MSB's InFocus Industry Benchmarking solution enables carriers
to compare their books to the rest of the industry while analyses on property
profile distribution and coverage adequacy generate actionable insights into
insurers' books. Driven by innovative solution design, the above analyses can
be completed within 60 days or less with minimal involvement from insurer IT

With InFocus Solutions, property insurers of all sizes can gain similar
value from business intelligence solutions that many large insurers, in
particular, have gained in other lines of business over the past few years. A
typical progression has been:

    - Ensure that the necessary data is accessible, accurate, and in the
      correct format
    - Create and test valuable dashboarding/reporting capabilities on a
      standalone basis
    - Integrate the dashboarding/reporting capabilities, once they're proven,
      into the core operations of the business
    - Evolve to predictive modeling capabilities that predict future outcomes
      and also embed these into the core operations of the business

While other companies may claim to provide these types of capabilities,
MSB's unique differentiators for InFocus Solutions are:

    - The overall quality, breadth, and depth of the underlying property data
      with a data validation approach that ensures its accuracy
    - MSB's unique industry database of over 30 million unique property
      profiles that are verified within the insurance underwriting process
    - MSB's action-oriented focus. Policy-level detail guides the right
      actions while MSB's full menu of solutions allows insurers to take
      those actions immediately

Please contact David Wagner at +1-262-780-2843 to learn more about the
InFocus Solutions suite and how you can partner with MSB to help grow your

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