Survey Highlights Persistent Challenges With Server Consolidation and Virtualization

By Teamquest Corporation, PRNE
Sunday, July 11, 2010

IT still faces hurdles managing virtualization 15 months after initial survey results

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa, July 12, 2010 - TeamQuest Corporation published study results that identify three major
challenges associated with virtualization and server consolidation according
to IT decision makers in North America and Europe.

The three major challenges experienced or anticipated, according to the
commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TeamQuest
in April 2010, "Strategies to Improve IT Efficiencies in 2010":

    -- Server size needed to support the virtual containers is difficult to
    -- Performance and workload of application virtualization candidates is
       difficult to assess.
    -- Major performance issues occur at peak times due to resource
       contention between the containers.

Study results
show these challenges, initially identified in the Q4 2008 study, have become
more pervasive, a likely reflection of the complexity associated with the
dynamic nature of virtualization. The ability to dynamically alter the
initial resource allocation requires an even more precise view of application
performance behavior to avoid contention for physical resources and
unexpected performance issues.

"Virtualization lowers the amount of hardware required and reduces power
consumption to some extent," said Director of Product Management Scott Adams,
"but it also raises management complexity since there is no longer a
permanent and exclusive relationship between physical resources and the
software that runs on it."

Meeting Virtualization Issues Head On

Capacity management software helps IT manage workloads in virtualized
environments and hybrid cloud environments. Companies should use software
that works across virtualization platforms, provides in-depth analysis
capabilities and offers the ability to review historical data and plan for
future service delivery needs.

"In today's environment, it's important to accurately anticipate how
systems will respond when workloads ramp up or are moved as part of a server
consolidation or virtualization effort," said Director of Product Management
Scott Adams.

As virtualization and cloud computing battle for attention, IT
organizations are realizing the value of embracing more mature processes that
enable IT and business to work together.

"Optimizing IT services today takes more than a tool that focuses on
technology," Adams said. "You need to establish processes for exchanging
information, and identify and verify prediction scenarios. Many IT
departments are on a journey that involves moving from formalized incident
reporting to standardizing a toolset across technologies to measuring process
efficiency and effectiveness."

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