media control GfK International Announces 2010 Year End DVD & Blu-ray Sales

By Media Control Gfk International, PRNE
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blu-ray Sales Up 76% in Western Europe; 120% in Japan -

LOS ANGELES, February 16, 2011 - media control GfK International, the leader in international media and
entertainment tracking servicing the global entertainment industry, announced
today the release of its 2010 Year End Home Video Retail Sales Report.

According to media control GfK International research, based on actual
point-of-sale data, year-over-year Blu-ray unit sales to consumers increased
in Western Europe (+) 76%. While combined retail sales of DVD/Blu-ray units
declined (-) 4.8% in Western Europe, video retail markets in Germany, France,
and Finland performed better than the previous year.

"A slower adoption rate of the Blu-ray format in Western Europe is the
prime lagger for some key retail markets in Western Europe not able to offset
declines in sales of standard definition DVD," said Brad Hackley, President
of media control GfK, USA.

The Japan video retail market remained somewhat buoyant from the prior
year, with combined retail sales of DVD/Blu-ray units declining only (-)
1.73%. The video market in Japan was stabilized by its robust Blu-ray sector,
which increased (+) 120% in unit sales.

media control GfK International's 2010 Year End Home Video Retail Sales
Report provides total market estimated DVD & Blu-ray retail unit sales for
four regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and Australasia. For
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