Medical Negligence Claims "Make Patients Wary"

By Goodmans Law, PRNE
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LIVERPOOL, England, December 1, 2010 - Solicitors at Goodmans Law believe that the frequency with which medical
negligence claims (
occur and are reported in the media could make patients wary of being treated
in hospital.

Ian Cohen, Director and Head of Medical Negligence at Goodmans Law,

"In most cases patients will receive exemplary treatment from GPs,
surgeons, doctors and nurses, yet worryingly, there are still too many
inconsistencies in the standard of care provided across different hospitals
and regions, and this can damage confidence.

"When things do go wrong there can be serious consequences for patients
and their families. In the worst cases we come across, patients have died as
a result of medical negligence."

The West Midlands NHS trust alone incurs costs averaging GBP11 million in
medical negligence claims payouts each year and while this is certainly a
burden on funds, Goodmans Law believes the victims of medical negligence
deserve compensation, adding:

"If you are the victim of a medical negligence accident, particularly one
that will have a profound impact on your future health and quality of life,
you are entitled to be compensated. We believe that the NHS should be
learning what it can from past mistakes and doing more to prevent these cases
from happening."

Goodmans Law ( is a specialist medical
negligence and personal injury solicitors practice.

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