Travellers are Becoming Increasingly Aware of Eco-tourism, Leading to a Growth in Bookings at Eco-friendly Hotels and an Increase in Environmentally Conscientious Behaviour

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LONDON, May 19, 2011 - More than a million people celebrated the fairytale wedding of Prince
and Kate Middleton on the streets of London just over two weeks ago.
Guests and tourists arrived from all over the world to be a part of the
wedding extravaganza. The greenhouse emissions caused from such a large scale
event* were partially balanced by the sourcing of fresh produce from local

Perhaps this is a sign that, as demonstrated by the Transition Town
Totnes**, more people in the United Kingdom are becoming aware of their
impact on the environment on a daily basis. [ ], the free online hotel reservation service with more
than 210,000 hotels worldwide, conducted a survey amongst its booking
customers to determine the extent to which travellers are influenced by the
eco-friendly choices available. The results demonstrated:

- Efforts are made to safeguard the environment even during
leisure time

- Often more attention is given to protecting the environment
whilst travelling than at home

Protecting the environment in our daily life***

Saving water and energy proves to be a high priority, with
almost one third of participants choosing to make use of alternative energy
sources. Almost one third of those surveyed separate their general waste for
recycling. The use of public transport is growing in popularity due to the
high cost of fuel and the considerable financial savings.

Protecting the environment whilst on holiday

How do people from the UK really react on holiday when
relaxation and sight-seeing are of key importance? Reducing and recycling
waste come to the fore when considering the environment with approximately
80% of those questioned making a concerted effort whilst on holiday.
Additionally, most travellers will dispose of waste correctly to avoid

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