Site Intelligence Concludes $7M Expansion Stage Equity Funding led by Nauta Capital and Oxford Capital Partners

By Site Intelligence, PRNE
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OXFORD, England, May 19, 2011 - Site Intelligence, a provider of software solutions for multi-channel
customer intelligence, announced today the conclusion of a significant equity
investment with Nauta Capital, Oxford Capital Partners and existing
shareholders. Nauta Capital led the $7 million investment in Site
Intelligence, which will support the Company's continued growth and global
expansion. Site Intelligence will continue to build on their expertise in the
data-rich world of online analytics while focusing on the growing demand for
multi-channel customer intelligence and associated data integration.

"We are very happy to announce this important investment with Nauta
Capital, Oxford Capital Partners and existing shareholders," said Harry
, Chairman of Site Intelligence. "This investment will greatly help
us increase our sales and marketing capabilities, reinforce our development
and consulting teams, and enhance our customer support services. It will
further allow us to execute on our plans to expand into the North American
and other European markets while offering increased focus on our ongoing
operations in the UK and Asia Pacific."

Peter Ryan, recently appointed as Chief Executive of Site Intelligence,
said "We believe our current and future technologies will bridge the gaps
between existing analytics and business intelligence technology providers,
therefore allowing our clients to connect multiple data sources and
facilitate a single view of their customers. This results in a greater
understanding of their customers behavior and allows them to derive insight
and value from the data they collect." Ryan went on to add, "The online world
has rapidly become the greatest influencer of offline customer behavior. How
customers interact with brands online, how they move across multiple domains,
how they access via multiple devices and which channels they ultimately
choose to purchase through, are all key pieces of the single customer view.
Better understanding this customer view enables Marketers to truly improve
financial results - revenue, costs, customer experience - by leveraging
knowledge of customer's online behavior with their broader behavior across
other channels."

Carles Ferrer and Al Sisto from Nauta Capital and Colin Watts from Oxford
Capital Partners all join the Site Intelligence Board as part of this funding

Carles Ferrer is a General Partner at Nauta Capital based in the
Barcelona office and has extensive venture capital experience and has been
managing different venture funds and early stage technology companies since
2000. Carles currently serves on the board of several leading Enterprise
Software and Security companies in Europe and the USA, including Scytl,
Agnitio, Kinamik, Abiquo and Basekit. In the past, Carles has also held
several positions with telecom, technology and finance groups such as Riva y
Garcia, Retevision, TRW and Ernst & Young. Carles is very much present in the
entrepreneurial and VC ecosystem and plays active roles on the boards of
several organisations including the Global Security Challenge, European
Venture Contest, IBM SmartCamp and the Techtour.

"Al Sisto and I are really pleased to become part of the Site
Intelligence team. Business Intelligence platforms play a crucial role in
linking vast collections of data required to create a better understanding of
the customer," said Carles Ferrer, a Nauta Capital partner. "Site
Intelligence's ability to provide information linking the online to the
offline world is unique and our investment will further their capabilities in
this fast emerging market segment."

Al Sisto has over 35 years of experience in the high-tech industry and is
currently a Venture Partner with Nauta Capital and a General Partner of Sixth
Bridge L. P. where he serves as an investor and business advisor to private
companies. Al is also currently Chairman of Acctuall, Inc. a SaaS financial
services and analytics company and Executive Chairman of CertiVox, Ltd., a
SaaS cloud security provider. Prior to Nauta, Al was Chairman and CEO of Hifn
(NASDAQ:HIFN) from November 2006 until its merger with Exar Corporation in
April 2009. He also was Chairman, President and CEO of Phoenix Technologies
(NASDAQ:PTEC) and Chief Operating Officer RSA Data Security, Inc. Al has also
held executive positions at PixelCraft, Inc., MIPS Technologies, Ingres,
Intel and Honeywell. In addition to CertiVox and Acctuall, he also serves on
the Board of Directors for Agnitio, a Nauta company. Al earned a Bachelor of
Science in Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Colin Watts is an Investment Director at Oxford Capital partners and is
responsible for investments in the information and communications sectors. He
brings to the team a combination of deep market knowledge gained in the
telecoms industry and extensive international transactional experience gained
as a corporate investor and as a partner of two international venture capital
firms. Previously Colin has held investment management positions with Cisco
Systems Inc, DFJ ePlanet and TLcom Capital where he invested over $80 million
across 12 companies in Europe and Israel. This portfolio achieved 4 IPO's and
6 M&A transactions worth in excess of $4.5bn. Colin graduated from Nottingham
University with first class honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

About Nauta Capital

Nauta Capital manages 3 VC funds and has offices in Barcelona and Boston.
Nauta recently launched its third fund, Nauta III, and has a total of $240M
of capital under management. Nauta invests between $0.7M to $10M per company,
mainly in 3 technology verticals: wireless, enterprise SW/Saas/Security, and
ecommerce/internet. Nauta targets companies for investment in very early
stage (Seed Capital) up to the more advanced stages of development (Series A
and B). Nauta actively invests in Western Europe and the US. Further
information can be found by visiting

About Oxford Capital Partners

Founded in 1999, Oxford Capital Partners (OCP) is a specialist investment
company, managing private equity funds on behalf of institutional and private
investors. Specifically, OCP focus on growth capital and venture capital:
nurturing innovative businesses at a point in their development when
strategic and financial assistance will significantly enhance the
opportunities for international success. Further information can be found by

About Site-Intelligence

Site Intelligence provides corporations with a linked view of customer
behavior from multiple channels and devices, including web, mobile, call
center, catalog and in-store activities. This unique cross-channel vision
helps corporations to understand their ROI on the entire spectrum of customer
interfaces, and enables customers to enjoy a seamless on-line, on-phone and
in-store experience. Unlike hosted ASP solutions, Site Intelligence uses a
granular, industry-standard database which records individual rather than
aggregated activity, along with a suite of data mining tools and dashboards
which show customer journeys and behavior by segment or at an individual
level. Innovative web tools serve 'personally relevant' web pages to
customers on-the-fly, plus a unique 'ROI overlay' for cross-channel analysis
by corporate marketers.

Site Intelligence has offices in Philadelphia (Americas), Oxford (Europe)
and Sydney (Asia Pacific). The website is at


For more information, please email;

Peter Ryan +44(0)1235-838-581


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